Tuesday, June 09, 2009

~Professional Development~

~Professional Development~

A new chapter begins
I stand there clueless
Aspiring for a position
Is it a dream, to get a career for a woman like me?
I no longer want to be helpless
So I wonder why I don’t dazzle with multi skills
In professional development, a journey begins
I’m an Omani woman, who is not afraid to compete
As the competitive world revolves, here I am equipped with skills
I take the challenge to whichever directions that blows.

Copyright 2009 Nasra Al Adawi

At times, to stand in the job front is hard, everyday there are new challenges. The need to prove that you are worthy of that job and the position that you have been appointed, so to my Omani sisters don’t stand there feeling helpless. Equip yourself with multi skills and yes think about professional development, your step for empowerment.

The illustration was created by a Qatari artist with pen name of Zoom. Please click on the painting to see more of her creative work.

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