Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poetic Photography Exhibition

As a poet my reflection of this exhibition takes me towards the creation of pond …

It begins
As droplets of rain
Few more drops
More and more
Creating a pond

And here we are with Thought Droplets. It started out as just a fleeting thought; but with many helping hands, kind expressions of support, and with concrete help from various quarters, this dream has come true. The unstinting support, and the kindness and generosity of many others truly made this exhibition a success.

My heartfelt apperciation and gratitude to each and everyone who made this exhibtion possible through your suggestions and advice. Your support has made an immense difference

Silent Oath

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Myth

We all have to take a stand
In the direction and trials of life
Some of us lean on someone else
Some of us have to face it all alone
Both ways we have to face the struggles of life
Sometimes we even fall in the heaps
Meant to be, there is no escape
At times, certain falls drains out our strength
Standing back becomes a myth
Yet what differentiates one to another is how we take
and face the fall

copyright Nasra Al Adawi 2004

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thought Droplets

This event would not been possible without the support of the following:
Here addtional photos of the Haiku Photos. Send me an e-mail should you would like to obtain one of them. Please note that each is orginal on Canvas and there no addtional print available

Twin Souls

Sun on Water

Parade of Leaves


Sky Canvas


Here glimpse of my exhibition which was collaborated with young photographer Yarub Al Bakry. Please visit to read more about it.

I’m posting all the photographs over here. They are on sale @ rate RO 35/- equivalent to US $ 90/- for the benefit of Oman Charitable Organization. Any one is interested to purchase can directly wire the amount to Oman Charitable Organization account. Orders out side Oman will have additional fee of posting.

Please visit Oman Caharitable Organizationto read more about the causes they support.

The photographs with Haiku are printed on canvas size 40 X 60 cm .....Great collection as part of wall decoration.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Within Myslef

Its been awhile since I posted, it was one of those rough waves that pushed me to fall and I continued to struggle to get up and then another wave comes and hits me again. Certainly those waves did not last forever, so here I am regained my strength and courage to stand again.

A word of appreciation to each and everyone who have visited my blog and dropped a hopeful line to make me come back again. It was truly the rays of sunshine that evaporated all the surrounding darkness. Al Hamdullah (Thank God) his blessings I feel them so immensely drizzling on me like rain, when it starts to drizzle awaking the earth and here I’m awake embracing the blessings of God and Im all blessed to be able to witness the beauty of this life. Not all the beauty of earth that puts tears in my eyes, it is the fine spirit of man kind at least to those I had a chance to meet or talk to. I’m truly touched so here a word of thank you to all.

Photo by Yarub Al Bakry

Within Myself

I’m not afraid
Releasing my soul

I’m not ashamed
Letting my tears run

I gained peace
Within myself

And I had witnessed
Journeys of climb and falls

Yet its not mine to tell
Therefore I realized
Others pain

At one time
I was out of faith

Now in my rebirth
I’m enhanced
With enormous faith

Believing in each curves
The granted destiny
Bliss or heartache
Granted in a package of life

Within my inner peace
I’m experiencing it all
Living the days
As it would proceed

© 2004 Nasra Al Adawi
from the book “Within Myself: The willpower to live- beyond cancer”