Friday, January 20, 2006

The Heart of Life

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Bahar Al Hayat (The Sea of Life) the Arabic two words presents a poetic meaning from time to time hearing these words, I come to think how often these words “sea of life” had ever crossed our bits of thinking and to come to realize that life is nothing but a sea. We ought to take it day by day and yes some times we do need to be prepared by its calamity and its uproar because at times it wipes out. The sea of life is unpredictable though living it is the ultimate soul experience.

I came across the blog of .:A:. not only a poetry blog but his words makes your reach deep to the core of sea of life, it surely soothe the crying spirit and it lifts the soul to live again and yes without even knowing it. This poem below is bits of combination of words of .:A:. and mine. I hope you can read more of the work of .:A:. in L I P for his writing is truly an escape.

You want to touch the heart of life
The core of soul
Witnessing the tears of the heart
The anguish of your existence
It remains in you and in everyone else
The story of life
If certain moments can be framed
To steal the glory of that time
Yet you find: then there are times
You realize
You have to move on
And leave everything behind
The story of life

“Exciting times left behind for the enticing times ahead” .:A:.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

“Remember to smile”

I can not recall where this story begins…But I somehow have heard it long long time…Comes to me as a tale which have rooted itself deep inside my soul….In the land of Japan and once upon time there was this lady, who made sure to wake up early every morning to great her town people with a smile> She also did the same when everyone returns from long day of harvesting and work. Again welcoming her people with a smile. A daily ritual that begins presenting nothing else but a smile to the people of her town and continued to do so for many years.

Then that face was no longer standing smiling with the first ray of sunlight. In fact her gentle smile was the ray of sunlight that energized each of who got a glimpse of her. The days started to crawl in silence and emptiness, naturally the town people noticed that she is no longer gifting the town with a smile. On asking about her, they got to know that she has been taken ill.

To those who have visited her were able to witness the remarkable

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altitude of her persona. On her tiny bed she lied their with her pale face, a feather with her tiny fragile body. Though she was ill she took on her to smile and strangely enough, she had one thing which she held tight to her a little note-book from time to time she will open and then will carry on smiling. No one knew what was written in her book till she died, that is when they gathered the courage to look. The book had just empty pages and on the first page there was only a line of three words “Remember to smile”

If this heart is aching
Carries many fatigue of pain
Whisper to it softly :
Remember to smile
Light up the flame inside
Flame of hope that ceases grief of time
Heals the sorrow blamed on life
To ease the earthly ride
Candling a laughter of a child
If it stops:
Remind this heart with pride
Once again to remember to smile
For each phase of life
Is a fading tide

copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Every Hardship, It Creats a Strong Woman

I wonder how many ladies out there think:
“Its just so hard to be a women”
For sure when a woman takes a step in life:
“ The journey is not furnished with a carpet of roses ”

Come to think of it
“Yes its hard to be a woman,
every hardship makes me a strong woman”

A Woman Like Me

I have the will,
Without wings
To touch the sky
Enabling me to reach that high
I have no definition for defeat
My aspiration;
I’m set to seize that dream
A woman like me, will reach that far and many miles more..

Maybe, you will find tears
Held in my eyes
Or falling like river
On a terrain of my face
A momentum relief
Giving no answer to resolve the grief
I gather myself
In dignity I embrace
A women like me,
Learned to stand beyond any calamity and defeat
©Nasra Al Adawi, 2004