Thursday, October 26, 2006


O Poetry
"Caress me
A breeze
Touches softly
In all colors of rainbow
Touches all kind of stones
River and oceans
Strokes earthly creatures
Touching us all lovingly"

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Monday, October 23, 2006


I heard that word
Realizing its festivity
Its more than just a word for a child
Not about the new clothes and sweets
Nor the *eidiya- a chance to buy a favorite toy
Togetherness, the feeling that comes with it
Sheer laughter echoes all the doors
I greeted with smile and tears
I embraced it with sorrow and glow
I celebrated with all my beloved family and friends
I mourn for those who have been fated
Not to join our smiles
Missing its utter happiness for reasons beyond control
My soul is lingering there with you
Where the moment meant
Happiness replacing tears
Joy erasing agony
My joy is incomplete
knowing that in one corner of this earth
You have been deprived to glow in the festive of Eid

Alhambra wall detail Alhambra wall detail,

As we celebrate Eid, my thought takes me to areas where war and unsettled politics zone awake in obscurity. Hospitals where ill children miss to join other children because of illness, all I have is to whisper a prayer for them

Kids (2)

Photo of the masjid (mosque) is by bgladman
Photo of wall details is by
Photo of the children by Mernas.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

~ Please don’t let me, give up ~

Don’t let me give up
No matter how bad the fall
I have to learn to walk again
A painful stand
Begins with a few steps
Each step taken with tears
Barely can hold
I end up falling
In silent scream
“How could walking be so hard?”
These trials seem child’s play
About to accept my falls
“Was I meant to stand again?”
Agonizing to let this thought pierce my brain
I’ll have another try
Please …
Don’t let me give up
My will - my strength
Pushing against all -
This time, I’ll stand and walk!

© 2005, Nasra Al Adawi

When you are on verge of giving up, it’s the need of those who you love around to just give you a reminder “Despite the hardship, you can not let go of the rope easily”. This is a call if we see someone who we love and care for and they are giving up whatever hardship they are in- please remind them to not give up. Living is not about the heartbeat of our heart, or breathing through our lungs, its about not giving up in the face of any struggle of life.

This poem is to share with Breast Cancer Awareness month


Its great news that we were able together with the support of DHL Oman and Community Development Corporation of Tanzania to print BSE (Breast Self Examination) in English and Swahili to spread awareness in Tanzania.
The leaflet was nothing but a group effort that made the leaflet possible and I owe my appreciation to Anne Marie (a great friend who took time to do illustrations for the leaflet), Said Al Kharusy (for Translation in Suwahili), Hamoud Hilal Al Jabry (For proofreading and his tremendous support), Ms. Elieshi and the ladies of Community Development Corporation of Tanzania for all the leg work to distribute the leaflets to the women in Tanzania and Embassy of Tanzania in Muscat (For their kind effort to support the campaign).

I was truly touched bydhllogoOman who had reached out to support our effort to spread awareness. “Thank you DHL Oman”

(to visit the website of DHL please click the logo)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

How Come

On my way home Oman

How Come?

As the sun...Stretches its rays
Just to reach …..Unknown horizons
Countless droplets of ocean
Moistly jewels arouse the leaves
Softly wind
Embracing just all and nothing
How come …you are still asleep?
Basking into darkness
Fallen amiss
When will your soul reach out?
The light of conscious living

©2006, Nasra Al Adawi

Well the reason of this poem is I got inspired by Don of Conscious Living Blog. He was kind to give us an inside of his poetic journey in LIP. (Please click Here to read the interview).

The photo above is taken by me on my way home in Oman

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Will be Missing You

Morning sips
Insulin of courage
Nibs of desire
And I’m fulfilled
Gazing at you lovingly
Misty coats unveiled
Sunlight awaking you
I love you
On my way home OmanYet I dare not
Dive into your watery plum
I admire
Dunes of your skin
Midst of your softness
The borne of wild plants
Unveiling your shyness to me
Without spoken words
You story reveals
I’m tied in your love
Only I hear the ballad cry
I hear your story
Condemned to bear
Development trends

In your silent cry
I hear youFaraway mountain Oman

I remember you as our virgin land
Now labeled private owned
Shoveling your earth
I have no right
To touch you with my hands
I have no right
For these feet to sink in your softness
I’m denied the insulin of life
The image of you
Though it will never die
In the core of my heart
I will be missing you always
Especially your morning embraces

Nasra Al Adawi

With the new development heading and the construction tools are about to build modern city on a land that I always loved so much…My daily window whenever I'm off and back to work…Let me tell you that I will be missing this land so deeply. I was so attached to its inhibited landscape, it was so untouched just wild, yet so tranquil in its nature…

The first three photos are mine and Liza (a family friend)

The photo on the project belongs to Emaratiprincess from