Thursday, November 30, 2006

~Sunset Over Dhows~

On 18th of November we in Oman celebrated our national day. I wanted to post a poem on that occasion, For three days now I had a poem which I needed to post it in here but I could not find the right photo for it. Today I was going thorough photos of Oman in I happen to find the photo above on dhow on the beach and I was so taken by the photo and the story began ..... Many thanks to Tokyo Tanenhaus . You can click the dhow photo to see more of his collections.

Sunset Over Dhows

My eyes are fixed on the beach
I walk towards it
So slow in each step
For my feet to walk on this beach,
Like my first ever taken walks
The sun flickers lazily
Announcing that its time to leave
Leaving me behind at seashore
Yet not alone within this deserted beach
I'm welcomed by three dhows
Perhaps forgotten
At edge line of the sea
Beached without knowing when to sail again
Embraced by sands
My eyes seemed to vision the plight of whales
Entrapped without known reason
Towards death away from the ocean
In bed of sands
The dhows watch their own slow death
Wind and sands scalpel the wreckage
I touch one of the dhows
Touching her gently with consoling hands
Like I understand their story
A silent transcript of pain
Their whole life flickered in front of my eyes
So I remained beside them
Facing the dark night
Deep inside I know at one point
I will have to leave them behind
Just like the sun it bids goodbye
Yet I, can't make a promise that I will return

Copyright 2006 Nasra Al Adawi

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Naughty Mist

There was a mist
Wanted to linger with the sea
To stand still at the edge of shore
So it can read Poetry
To peak on the sky kissing the sea
Ushering with drapes of sky
Mid of romance the horizon is lost
Like a naughty child
Insisting to float in a silent giggles
That brings laziness to the morning light
With out words it wants to learn
Getting hands on a new silent poetry
With every tide
Living shells behind
Poetry scattered
In every wave ending a journey
A verse in sound of waves

Copyright 2006, Nasra Al Adawi

I hope this poem is not too much but I was inspired to write it after my great experience having to read poetry to students. I would like to thank Muscat School for their kind invitation and each students that I met allowing me to recite a bit of poetry and to share some insight on writing poetry. I also received a lovely thank you note from one of the teachers Ms. Julie Armstrong who had encouraged me to go and pay them another visit and share more poetry with students.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Melting Ice

Its been hectic time for me. Running behind with my writing for the project of Tanzania... I can not push myself as much as I would like to… So I need to give it a rest to revive my spirit...

I have been invited to a book launch of Mark Evans, which was published by Apex Press and Publishing on his expedition to help raise funds for National Association for Cancer Awareness in Oman. It was great knowing that individuals are reaching out to help in spreading cancer awareness.

The National Association for Cancer Awareness started as Oman Cancer Group through breast cancer survivors and headed by Yuthar Al Rawahi who is herself a cancer survivor. Since 2004 they became an association and have played great role in spreading awareness on cancer. Yuthar used to work in the medical field, but after her various cancer fights, she retired and now dedicates her full attention to promoting breast cancer awareness in Oman. Yuthar works with The National Association for Cancer Awareness. You can get more information about her work at

'To be alive is a great thing, to appreciate the importance of being alive and healthy, makes one overcome all the difficulties that come with a disease such as cancer. In our society quite a number of patients cannot comprehend what the doctors are saying to them regarding their illness. In some situations this can result in grave consequences. For me, cancer has changed my life. I cherish every day and try to focus on the positive aspects of things. I feel much stronger after my experience. I promised myself and having pledged to the Almighty that if I survive my ordeal, I will try to help others who find themselves in the same situation.' Yuthar Al Rawhai

Once was-a Melting Ice

I’m not going to drawn into grievance
It is enough-being a melting Ice
So it is time to break the silence
Breaking the Ice
I was once bitter and furious
Lived in denial-felt victimized with illness
Lucky to be surrounded with the family nearness
Gained strength from their love and tenderness
I knew I needed to fight-to overcome the turbulence
The agony was unnoticed
Becoming a voice
There were others- faded-mischance
Yet its hard admitting with boldness
Enlightening with awareness
Avoid others from this journey of steepness
To be able to teach that every hourevery
minute has so much worthiness
Rising from a fall is not easy,
but gradually learn to have endurance
Being a survivor-embracing life with gladness
copyright 2004, Nasra Al Adawi
from the Book "within Myself : The Will Power To Live Beyond Cancer"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where is Peace on earth

Mimi has put together awareness for peace …a tremendous initiative….Putting all bloggers together to bring the voice of peace….Please do join her for this is not a one person mission this is on all of us ….Do click the glob to join in spreading the peace globe or click ~Here~

Search for God

The galaxies sprinkled of love
It was that time creating a mankind
The angles hailed
Reached out to embrace the creation of God
Episodes pursued unexpected turns
Humans were expelled from heaven

O God
What made us reach this far
What had shredded us apart?
How come we roar with nothing but rage
Are you watching us
Puzzled on what had happened to us?

Yet there was more
He wondered on human exploitation to come
He questioned on what can awaken his creatures
They seems so occupied
Leaving no earth, nor sea or sky
Their hands seemed to toss all down
Even ruined their own kind

O God
Do you feel like crying
Or raging towards our destruction
What had happened to us

There they are gazing to the sky above
They find so much silence
Endless pashmin skies with glitters
its so peaceful and unconnected to humans
Unrelated to all the chaos of earth
Far away from human hands contamination
They question the existence of the Creator
Wondering how the innocent voices are unheard
Pleas lost in vapor
And right and wrong tucked in one pot
How come God's justice hasn’t knocked them to senses

O God
..Have you witnessed!
..On all the damages extensively
Everything is so confused
Why your silence remain
O God where are you from us now ???

Now they are searching for God
To extricate them from their chaotic blend
The skies reign
Far away from so called humans
So unattached to the chaos of human-beings
Like God had erased them from his book of creations
Leaving them behind to wipe them-selves
A total blackout on earth
It's not a case of extinction but to vanish them completely

Copyright 2006, Nasra Al Adawi

Monday, November 06, 2006

~~~Soul Nestling ~~~

Don of Conscious Living blogspot blown a mystic poetic breeze…sparks of sands with tide …yes it was Magic at the Water's Edge It is the tide that gives birth to the grains of sand
...that become the beach
...that welcomes the tide's daily coming and going.

And all of this is moved by light
...with the sun by day and the moon by night.
And so is life each moment is born the timeless tide of love washes over it the light something to reflect upon.
And we find ourselves

...mere grains of sand on the beach of life
...created each moment by love.

copyright DON

…so my soul nestled between the grains …

** BeaChes Of My MemOry **
Originally uploaded by
*PiNk PaNtHeR*.

It’s the tide that touch the sand
Droplets pearls stir the beach
Countless grains that finds homey bed
Open skies are numinous roof
Moving clouds, mural paintings
Decorates this open home
When shawls of night falls
Igniting stillness with stars
An ambience to fall asleep
With peaceful joy remains awake
Napping between the tide
I found my home
Nestling in between the grains
So I can listen to voice of peace
That lingers in shore
Between the tide and sands

Nasra Al Adawi 2006

Do visit Don blogspot to read more of his poetry or to comment on his poem above. The first photo belongs to Don

Many thanks to the 2nd photo of *PiNk PaNtHeR* on 4 Oct '06 in

Thursday, November 02, 2006

~ Heights of Standing ~

Dead tree w/ sun.
Originally uploaded by flight404.

I'm reaching out for life
Glimpses of light
How many tears had spilt?
Uncounted aches of nights
Wailing inside
Yet standing in height
I remain to live
Beyond obscurities of life

My fixation as I was returning home today, how dead trees stand so firm …Beautiful facing the wind as though still living….a dead trunk to some but don’t you think the way these trees remain there a lesson for us..

Do think about it…

The photo belongs to flight404 in the

Many thanks for the inspiration