Friday, December 29, 2006

Eid Greetings

I would love to own a camera one day, yes a digital. A digital camera with high resolution. So I can capture not only sceneries, but many amazing Islamic architecture that we have here in Oman.

This photo was taken by me of a manara just a section of the Masjid (mosque). Tha manra is used precisely for calling prayers. Early Muslims had a number of different terms for "a tower attached to a mosque from which the call to prayer is given." The most common word, manara.

I will be around and about celebrating Eid, I take this ocassion to wish you Eidkum Mubarak. Also would like to extend my warm wishes for happy new year. See you next year

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grasping Agonies

Pebbles and Shells
Originally uploaded by Britta's world of photos.

A walk, which stretches our feet
Walking along skirts of waves
A long path
Taking us many miles
Towards open land
That holds no barricades
Just dunes of sands
Between the ocean and us
Seems like an infinite path
That connects with the sky
While we drift in this long shore
The ocean seeks comfort
Pouring stories within tides
Of shells abandonment
Those seek refuge between sands
Tinny pebbles in color fading
Once were under the ocean
Blushed in various color gloss
Now scattered in the sands
Longing to retrieve their shine
While their burning under the sun
Yet they long to be taken back
Towards the ocean
Just like us
Wanting to free our soul
Towards the heart of ocean
To dive into its womb
In hypnosis of oceanic silence
The transformation
Being lighter than our soul
To remain in its water
Yet not waiting to resurface
Away for oceanic womb
As we awake
Grasping all agonies
Of pebbles and shells

Copyright Nasra Al Adawi 2006

I was surfing into some poetry website and read this amazing poem by Simon Armitage about walking on shore. The above poem was a reflection of reading Simon Armitage poem.

I would like to exend my apperciation to all my blog friends for their words in which keeps me going on with writing... Your comments in deed had pushed me forward

The photo above belongs to Britta Koch posted in Many thanks for this photo. Do click on the photo to see other collection.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Flicker will do


At times
Weather reflect on me
In an expected ways
It touches me
Desert winter
Keeps a float towards me
Imitating grey clouds
That floats on sunny day
Snatching lightness away
It leaves certain frost in me
Numbness spreads
Beyond my hand and feet
The sun keeps piercing
Lights between clouded sky
The agony to whisk cold in me
Numbness pins me in its walls
Though I snatched a flicker of flame
To seed deep inside
It's weak, yet it fights
Surviving beyond all odds
I don’t need real fire
Discarding the cold

copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

The photo above is taken by me today in search of traces of rain near by my home...Being so much used to the heat, the weather is a bit changing and for me Im not use to the touch of cold weather...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Teased Sand Grains

VALDEVAQUEROS-Oin galdua / Lost foot
Originally uploaded by

We find ourselves
Sand grains
As lifted by wind
Dancing a dance
That alighted on wind tunes
Then the rhythm cease
To Land on different dunes
There it was, left prints
On a quiet sand grains
Then the wind play
The wicked games
Erasing a profuse trail
Illness strays our life prints
Like the wind, we are teased grains
Changing paths in wind moans
"Lord"-we are on weakness stand
Enlighten us with hints
Towards the trail of healing
To dust fear from our soul
We are here, urging to be awaken
In frighten trance
There comes a finding
Truth is- the spinning fate
That changes our journeys
Racing ignited sparks
Here we are beyond terrain chase
Soul searching for trace
Within inner swirls
Faith, support-the need to believe-in
The trials won't end over here

Copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

Photo is by lindatxikiakalea. Click the photo to see more of his collection.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life between Sky and Sea

Another Boring Shot Of The Pier
Originally uploaded by diglips.

Watery skirts
Lagging behind
To what it touched before
The tide is low
The sea far from shore
Still I feel the aroma of sea
Moist freshness tangled in cool breathe
Waves are continuously splashing
Towards the line shore
Carrying my tears to flow
Its here unlocking emotional doors
suppression finds a voice
Within silent musical cords
Saltness of the sea
Tastes of my tears
Soft sands
A resting seat
Beneath me I feel the warmth
The scrub of grains
I outweigh my life
With every gentle blow
In wind whispers
Piercing in silent entanglement
As light, my life penetrates
within sky and sea

copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

Many Thanks to Diglips for the photo above posted in You can click on the photo tosee more of photo collections.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Final View

so many windows
Originally uploaded by emnovo.

It began
Little by little
Drizzled on me
Then it became rain
It continued
Raining on me
Taking that path
Even rain did not stop me
Reaching to that deserted place
Out of me falling:
Upon my soul I insisted
It has to watch the scene
Then rewind it again
Countless raindrops
Had covered this window
I would not be deterred
In taking this final view
I stared into us
Tangled in love scene
Beyond our silence
Love seem to scream
Lustful madness
I wanted to break free
You chained me in romance
As you reached out for me
Allured with swirls of desire
Colorful butterflies all over
And in your eyes
I pursued reassurance
You insisted
That we were to enter the moment
Where our souls unite
Lost between pain and lustful aches
My eyes pleaded you
At that time I knew
My soul poured for love scarifies
Striking my own soul
The pinch of love
Remained to stare
In the episodes of my life
Deep within I knew,
There was no path to return

Copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

As you can see that this poem its been written in 2005 however today I did not like the old poem so changed it. You can click (here) to read how it was written before.

The photo above is from by emnovo, pls click on the photo to see more on other photo collections. Many Thanks to emnovo for the above photo

Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Enchantment Aches"

Minor earth, major sky
Originally uploaded by Sameli.

Allow this wounded heart to cry
Few droplets of tears
Hesitant dew
Falling away from a leaf
As to gently tender each pain
With a breathe of earth
Dip the pain into the river
To taste my soul within the waterway
Do you hear its weeping voice?
Within the sound of water
Attentively, you blend into the river
No reflection of me out there
Nor am I a crying face
Evaporated in quest of clouds
Yet I linger many days in air
Releasing all molecules of aches
That cleansed from earthly wounds
Reaching clouds

copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

How can one term heavy days, the let downs weigh heavily within the walls of human heart. Let me begin with a smile to sieve disappointment away. Its already starting to work …

Many thanks to Sameli for the photo above, you can click the photo to glimse more photo collections at