Thursday, November 29, 2007


Supress My Life
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The heat that suffocates me
Is not the air that surrounds
A suppressed heat inside me
Yet is undefined
Whether a body heat of lust
Or a status of a body temperature
I who is inside within this body
Still remains unexplained
I forbid this soul to go even a step further
Its an agony to let it languish naturally
Yet it seems it will persist forever
The heat is suppressed inside me
Just like me, a soul suppressed in a body
©Nasra Al Adawi, 2004

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

~Signed Poem~

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"not so much a poem
a walker's guide to absent friends
at the end of the walk
settled back in the car
all i could hear was the silence"
copyright 2007 Floots

Listen to this silence
Beating softly as heartbeats
Feel the rush
That awakes your senses
Accelerating, just as heat
It begins with spark
Can fuel into fire
Now your heart is racing
The urgency that fills you
You crave to reach…
To touch, in that instance peek of earth
A moment to be on a tip of flame
Ecstasy beyond physical form
In soul rejuvenation
The world is on your palm
You can feel its in the air
A sublime moment
Words falling
There is poetry in the air
Your soul picks just few of these words
Creating a precious poem
Signed only with your soul
That’s when your words concludes

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Yes, it has been so many days …Living In Poetry has been a place where I learn from each one of those who are into words and poetry. Every time when I read an interview of a poet, it becomes clear that writing is a gift of God, words spur from no where and can not be anything else but the work of a Creator and to be gifted with such talent, its not merely an act of coincidence, every of us has a small task to achieve, even though we stand as a tiny needle in the palm of universe.

Floots with his blog i-land-i-site who had opened my eyes to poetry, nature and human side of it is that to feel the earth, take your steps in life in simplicity as much as you can. Read more about it at

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

~ Words and Waves ~

Sunset waves
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Such blankness
That fills my page
And all I need is words
Falling in a sweet song
A creation of my world
Universe within this soul
Words spur as droplets
A murmur within my silent sea
Yet, it's more than that
They are the blowing wind
Falling gently or strong
Creates each lane of waves
I'm all the waves that spur
Within the hands of wind and sea

copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

"How I missed writing, it left me so empty...With all what was happening I was uncomplete without my poetry."

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Oman: Sharifa to launch book on fight against cancer

29 October 2007

MUSCAT -- A book that tells the stories of women who faced up to their afflictions with cancer will be formally launched here tomorrow under the patronage of Dr Sharifa bint Khalfan al Yahya'eeya, Minister of Social Development. Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer, written by well-known Omani author and poet Nasra al Adawi, tells the true story of women with cancer in Tanzania with poetry written in English and translated in Swahili.

Deeply rooted in the cultures of both Oman and Zanzibar, Nasra writes of inner journeys journeys as important as those between continents and civilizations as she discusses the accounts of 'brave faces' who are not cowed by the scourge of cancer. Nasra describes the book as a journey of women with breast and cervical cancer in Tanzania, embellished with poetry. The title Brave Faces, she explained, is a tribute to those women whose fight against cancer is a source of strength to other women who might suffer cancer related afflictions.

Brave Faces Nasra's third book will support cancer awareness campaigns in Tanzania. Her previous two books were for the benefit of children with cancer at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and the National Cancer Awareness Association. Tomorrow's launch is hosted by the InterContinental Hotel, Muscat and supported by the Tanzanian Embassy, SJS Group, Shell Oman, Muscat Pharmacy, DHL and Safa Petroleum & Mineral Co Ltd in Tanzania.
By Staff Reporter

© Oman Daily Observer 2007

Nasra’s book reaches out to fight cancer

By A Staff Reporter

MUSCAT The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania organised a book launch for Nasra Al Adawi’s book Brave Faces: The daring stand against cancer under the patronage of Her Excellency Dr Sharifa Bint Khalfan Al Yahyaeiyah, Minister of Social Development, at the Muscat InterContinental Hotel here on Tuesday.

Sharifa, in her brief speech before the launch of the book, congratulated the young writer and poet Nasra Al Adawi for her relentless crusade for cancer awareness through her writings and hoped that her small efforts would gather momentum and become a mass movement for the eradication of cancer.

Later, HE Hussein Saeed Khateeb, Ambassador of Tanzania, in his speech thanked the chief guest and all those present for being a part of this very significant event. He hoped the launch of the book and thereafter the contents of the book itself would raise the level of awareness about cancer and the ways being adopted to combat this dreaded disease.

Later, Nasra recited a few verses from one of her poems in the book – “So You are the famous cancer, Came in without invitation, Invaded me, expecting my submission, From nowhere you declared your existence. But don’t expect me to fall up without a fight ….” And in the end she finishes off beautifully by saying “Your time is over, I’ll walk the calamity – never falter, I’m a survivor”.

Nasra is a person deeply rooted in the cultures of both Oman and Zanzibar, and is familiar with the languages of Tanzania. She sketches her poems to challenge the worst disease of present times, taking people on a journey beyond pain, and fear to hope and strength.

In between her recitations, flautist Jan Daxner played some intriguing compositions of French composer Andre Jolivel titled Five Invocations.

Later, the five copies of the book were auctioned to the highest bidders and as much as RO1,000 was raised which will be later donated to help combat cancer by various organisations in Tanzania.

Book on cancer awareness launched

Times News Service
Wednesday, October 31, 2007 12:34:25 AM Oman Time

MUSCAT — A book combining true stories and poetry about cancer, written by Nasra Al Adawi, was launched yesterday under the auspices of Dr Sharifa bint Khalfan Al Yahyaeiyah, minister of social development.

Over a period of three years, the author underwent many different experiences including interactions with cancer patients in Tanzania before she was able to pen the book Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer.

This is the third book in a row written by Nasra on cancer awareness.

The launch function, held at the InterContinental Hotel in the presence of Hoessein Khatib, ambassador of Tanzania; the diplomatic corps and a host of other dignitaries, also saw the auction of six special edition books.

These six books, containing the signatures of Dr Sharifa bint Khalfan Al Yahyaeiyah, and Hoessein Khatib were auctioned for more than RO1,000. The auctioned was conducted by Karen Greene.

The proceeds of the auction as well as the book sales that followed the launch function would exclusively be used for cancer awareness campaigns in Tanzania. During the launch ceremony, there was a poetry recitation by Nasra from the book as well as light classical music rendition by Jan Daxner on flute.

The flautist played five invocations composed by Frenchman Andre Jolivet.

In exclusive comments to Times of Oman, Dr Sharifa expressed her happiness about the book written by Nasra. “We are proud of Nasra and her book Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer as she has discussed such a taboo issue like breast and cervical cancer. She has been brave enough to break the taboos and write on the subject,” Dr Sharifa said.

“We need to have loud voices on such issues and I wish her all the best in the future,” added Dr Sharifa.

Hoessein Khatib, ambassador of Tanzania, in his welcome address, said that the book would help many people in Tanzania who were not aware of cancer. Describing the book, Khatib said that the methodology adopted by the author was user-friendly and innovative to create cancer awareness.

Creating awareness about cancer is necessary but not sufficient as the facilities available through modern technology in cancer diagnosis have to become accessible to all, pointed out Khatib.

The Tanzanian ambassador thanked Dr Sharifa and the Ministry of Social Development for their support to this book by Nasra.