Thursday, June 19, 2008

DHL ships copies of Omani book on cancer to Tanzania

18 May 2008MUSCAT -- As part of the company's corporate commitment to sustainable communities, DHL Express Oman recently supported the transport of 1,500 copies of Nasra al Adawi's book Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer to Tanzania. The book will be used as a tool by organisations and volunteers to help create awareness about breast and cervical cancer in the country. "Nasra's entrepreneurial spirit and support of underprivileged individuals in their endeavours to access quality information about cancer, is inspirational. This is in line with DHL's strategy that is derived from three concepts, investing in people, the community, and environment," commented Geoff Walsh, DHL Express Country Manager, Oman."We are very proud to support Nasra's unique efforts to raise awareness about cancer in Tanzania. Her work is rooted in humanitarian and charitable issues, and she has dedicated her time to educating women about the illness, instilling hope, and contributing to a sustainable environment," Walsh added. The book consists of a collection of intense poetry and personal stories of women who have endured the struggles of cancer and have survived the battle. Born in Zanzibar and raised in the UAE, Nasra has balanced the content of the book to include poetry, professional medical advice, and first person accounts from women who have undergone the physical and emotional pain of cancer."In this book I have taken the opportunity to give tribute in prose and poetry to honour those African women whom I have met, who are coping with either breast or cervical cancer. The bravery of each of these individual women has been my inspiration and I am very thankful to DHL for delivering the books and helping spread my message to women in Africa who are still reluctant to talk about cancer. Breast and cervical cancer are among the most common cancer types in Tanzania," said Nasra. Nasra has a long history in writing poems, articles, and books about cancer and giving the proceeds from sales to children suffering from cancer in Oman. The Tanzanian Breast Cancer Foundation and the South African Health Foundation for Cancer will launch the book in Tanzania by the end of May. It has been written in Swahili and English.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

~One Step At a Time~

one step at a time
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I might have lost
What we all call:
Precious love
I might have no one
Waiting for me
Or just to receive that call
With gentle words
Saying "Oh Honey where are you"
In her gentle voice
My world surely bloomed
Now all is empty
Filled with sadness and blues
But I will not end in here
All worn out and in tears
I will live
To find my standing point
I will go on
One step at a time
I have not lost it all
I'm still here
With one hope
That keeps me alive
Its one step at a time

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

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