Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Ramadan Kareem 2008!

Rejoicing the month of Ramdhan ….

As the month of fasting begins. How can we not welcome it with such happiness?
Those of us just fast from dawn to sunset and as we break the fast, some time we feast on food. There are some others, fasting is the way of life as poverty and starvation accompanies them. No only for a month but many months, its not known when would it end.

Ramadhan flickers a reminder.. A reminder for the blessing that we have, so as we refrain from food and drink… Let us be the hand to help others whom they live a lifetime in fasting..

To All My Brother and Sisters who are commencing this month
May Allah Accept our Fasting, Let Us Be A Helping Hands for Those Unfortunate Than Us …

Photo by Hassan Ali in and please click on the photo there information on what is Ramadhan ....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

~A Journey Taken~

Alone on the road
Originally uploaded by sebastijan_belcic

Its all unknown
That is how it is
As blank as a page
You lay the rules
Of where and how to begin
A curvy line for a starting point
Or with letters that creates words
Probably meaningless at first
Yet as you jungle deep
The picture forms a shape
Your steps are taken in assertiveness
The course is clear now
Somehow it all makes sense
As you turn around
Towards the taken journey
Every step taken it’s been worthwhile

“How many of us turn around, towards their past experiences and take a relief that whatever experiences lived its been worth while. Turn around and look at your journey and say to yourself it was a long journey but you made it and head to a new exploration appreciating every step that you about to take. Remember that not all the steps are easy to take. As your journey the course, it’s no denying that you have come from a long journey.”

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

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Friday, August 22, 2008

~Still I Feel Poetry~

When each word pours
Rising fountain of words
I’m all the poetry that I can feel
And I’m all the feelings that I can be

Copyright 2008, Nasra Al Adawi

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

~I Feel Poety~

Im all the poetry that I feel
And all the feelings that I'm going to be
copyright 2008, Nasra Al Adawi

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unpaved Sea

"Wait For Me"
I pleaded for you
To hear me
To take me with you
Under your wings
"Wait for me"
I could barely speak
But your boat
Sailed without me
Foot prints faded
Harrying for your journey
A journey without me
Despite all oath of love
We forked on a different course
A sea that has no paved path
No prints of your journey
No beginning road
Or a trace for me to follow
So I'm all lost
Tracing endless sea

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

This poem inspired by a blog : Selma in the City...The story ..the poetry can not be described ...
Photo is copyright of Martinreach in

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

~Road Contemplation~

trips(s) to Terlingua
Originally uploaded by clickykbd

Here we are,
Urging to begin at curves that separated us
For two had to take separate ways
No holding hand to ties us together
We took vows to pursue our dreams
Some dreams created by one
Is not necessarily a direction for two
I stand contemplating
If I'm up to taking a dream all by my own
Yet journey a lonely road
What worth such aspiration
In loneliness twinkling star
Here we are
Once again after a taking a lonely journey
Now we return, yet gained a learning experience
Is no longer a separate dreams
A dream of two merged in one
Two roads had joined again to be one-way road

Copyright Nasra Al Adawi

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