Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I want to Float

A touch of narcotic

To how far to reach
Seems earth not enough
If I can float one more time
A second to be so far
Away from pain
Closer to ecstasy
How can this be an addiction?
A salvation out of twinge
But to all I’m just a drug addict

Copyright 2010 Nasra Al Adawi

This poem makes me feel so sad, knowing that drugs is an existing problem in our country. It makes me angry, it makes me worries and I wonder how to protect our children. The reason of this poem is to portray a voice of a drug addict who at many times is on denial that he/she has a problem and need help. We have Ibn Sina hospital that has receiving pittance undergoing treatment to free them from the addiction. I’m not sure how much and what is done in Ibn Sina but of course I applaud for having a hospital . A great step for Oman is having the new association that is playing the orle of spreading awareness on drugs, additionally having to read that a full fledge centre for rehabilitation is getting built to support patience to overcome their addiction. But that is not all also the Royal Oman Police are strictly taking steps against drug sellers.

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