Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lessons from Clean Up Oman Campaign

Trash by photographyguy
Trash, a photo by photographyguy on Flickr.
Its amazing how your mind could open up from a single thoughts or a campaign. That is how it was for me with Clean Up Oman Campaign, this single campaign I started to view my town in different lenses. A lens that crave for cleanness and gives a disprove eye at seeing clutter in its town. 

Although I have not volunteered in cleaning campaign but the realization on promoting cleanness in my town was a mission by itself. I was able to engage youth in my town who use to play football to be aware of their environment too a task was hard by itself. As an only female who approached football team to clean up the football pitch and the surrounding seem to be starnge and also be at front line in showing them how to collect clutter in the pitch and the area surrounded. 

Yet I realized the task of keeping my area clean does not depend only on me but it also needed to keep others aware and educate neighbors to be aware that it is important to apply responsibility when throwing garbage in the bin and that itself is not an easy task. I started teaching my house assistance on importance to be aware that when throwing the garbage, to throw in allocated bin and not outside as it was apparent that neighbors did not bother to throw in the bin and at times you will find empty bins but all litters are thrown outside. So I volunteered to clear the litter in my area’s bin as I only need myself and my daughter and my house assistance as extra helping hands. 

I thought to myself, its a great achievement to have cleaned my area’s bin but soon or later, l realized my task is not over as the organization that is assigned to collect domestic waste does not do its part fully. This was realized when my home cabinet had broke and there was no way to be fixed, carpenter indicated that my cabinet is not wood that he could reuse them back. SO I had to throw it, but I resolved to throw small piece instead of throwing whole litter in order to encourage the waste collector to carry the pieces. Unfortunately realized that the assigned waste collector refused to collect the pieces and it was thrown outside the bin.

By then I understood by now that huge trash material will not be collected, so we resolved to burning the huge pieces of woods and since my neighbor had thrown cut tree branches. As I watched the tree branches were burning, I was happy that I was able to get rid of the uncollected domestic waste. My happiness did not complete as another neighbor had mown their garden lawn and had not bothered to throw the waste in the bin but thrown everything outside the bin. So I wonder how to really educate such neighbor to be responsible neighbor to maintain our town clean.

Copyright July 2012 Nasra Al Adawi

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are My Goals Set?

Goals are set
But they too many goals I presumed
I ask myself: Am I up to it
Will I achieve it?
I contemplated ….
I’m weary for those goals perhaps are tough ones
But then I asked my self
Did you not want to create that real change
Then you need to get planning
But planning is not all you need
You need the willpower beyond all your planning
To strive to achieve your goals
Or they will always remain a want be dreams
Better yet dreams remains on our wish list
So I need to get going to executing those goals
I do not want be just a dreamer
I want to realize my dreams

Copyright July 2012 Nasra Al Adawi

~I’m on a Challenge~

Thank you for taking time to browse into this scattered thoughts. At times theses thoughts are the one that opened for me the first door and many doors had followed . It was always a poem, which has its uniqueness and a special place in my heart as it is the person in me that loved poetry.
A lot of times, I did not understand what is a poem consisting of, but, in my simple way, a poem is just about the feeling that I can emboss through words and share it within this layer of pages.
So I always appreciated the gift of inspiration that landed to me, cause those doors that had followed for me. It had opened up a new life for me. From creating that first poem, to publishing my first book, and to 2nd book to poetry exhibition, to a journey of journalism and writing to column writing. I have made those journey and it is great journey. As now, I have been in vacation of writing, it really feels like great fall, however the history that engraved behind me, it calls me back to work again toward that writing journey again.
So when I come back here to blogging, I understand that what had been a simple exercise 3 years ago. Now is a great effort to be taken. But the effort that I’m taking now in to scribbling, perhaps it is not so clear thoughts. It is my journey of getting back and jotting down theses thoughts to tell you, how I appreciate your encouragement in following my thoughts and pushing me back to write.
So here is the target for this month that I have to write 24 times, that may be a write up, or a poem or scattered thoughts. But I have to gear up again for my writing mission…
So here is your task, your help and assistance to remind me that I need to keep going on writing and I achieve my target.
So am I up to the challenge … Let us see…

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