Wednesday, February 17, 2016

~My Pen~

You are magnificently made 
Every curve are thought of 
Nothing is left to coincidence
You are made for a person
Like me
So I can write with you 
Pour my thoughts or emotions 
Right then only holding you 
You will dance
Through touch of my fingers 
You are not because I need you 
My emotions can be poured 
Wihout you
Yet you complete what can
Be forgotten
Capturing moments 
Where they are memories 
No ways to maintain or last
You are the keep of my thoughts 
All written through you 
Yet you enable others
To feel my moments
Just maybe 
They can appreciate what am I 
Even to get closer to this person 
Or perhaps empathise 
With scattered emotions 
Yet.. you were no longer needed 
Not essential to my existence 
I can live without you 
For there were 
Other means pouring my heart
I can shade my tears distantly
With other means or other ways 
But it can be done anywhere 
Not matter how long I desert you
You constantly embrace me
You personalise what I am 
And how I feel 
So when I'm back 
At this hand hold
You silently love me 
Just like old times
No conditions 
I hold you and begin 
Writing with you
In others eyes
This is not romance 
As always you move and dance 
Never denying me not even once 
I wonder why 
It took me that long 
To see you 
Penning my thoughts with you 
Was all I needed right then 
And even right now
No one would pen like you do 
For words that pour out
Simply are my words in you
If that's not love then what it is!

Copyright 2016 Nasra Al Adawi

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