Thursday, September 10, 2015

Literacy Day

Literacy Day
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Here

Friday, July 24, 2015

Erased Images

Some photos get burned with time 
Still yet.. your image will remain

Within my walls 
As if you were just here 
Breathing live within my store 
You are undiminished in this soul

copyright 2015 Nasra Al Adawi
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Sunday, July 05, 2015


Friday, June 12, 2015

Rain lovingly as you are

You are here our doorsteps
Touch us gently 
I'm not sure ..If your countless droplets
Are cry of pain 
Or rather tears of happiness 
As the wind pushed you 
To arrive within the heart of my land
I thank you for being here 
Whether troublesome or joy 
You are God's  blessings
 That I have waited in mid of heat 
Come to my land 
Just lovingly as you rain on us 
copyright 2015 Nasra Al Adawi 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

~Cleansing of the Sea~

Have you ever came close eye to an eye ..that you stared at your mind and thoughts. What does it look like. I imagine it to be a net… different ropes knotted with each other to create a net. Thoughts flows rapidly within the chain of ropes, yet our troubled thoughts and worries stumbles in theses knots.. Suffocating, calling to be untangled.

The exercise of detangling is merely not an easy journey… Whenever I use to have a chocking thoughts calling on me to release it when I was younger the ultimate way is to throw my thoughts towards the sea.

It was just as the sunlight breaking though the sea, my feet have walked slowly many times this path yet unsure if I submit my breathless thoughts and will it be received by the sea.  Somehow as the light slowly awakes the sleeping sea and shore, it embrace you with tiny mists ..unseen ..Without me noticing easing the knots that suffocates my thoughts. My eyes absorbing calmness of the just awaking sea. My ears are suddenly starting to hear that this sea is breathing just like me …Back and fro the waves are inhaling air...The waves steers melodies that my worries were not hearing its music before.

There I was freeing my troublesome towards these naughty waves ,,, as innocent child plays the running game.. waves back and fro …learning what had been weighing as troubles of the world  is now vanishing with the touch of water droplets… I go inward to my mind, I find it a blank page …there not an even one scribble of thoughts.  There  I was freed mind as vast as the sea …weighing lighter as its waters

So if you ever find yourself as me getting suffocated in thoughts, take yourself as close as you can to touch the sea and listen to the melodic conversation of the waves releasing your worries it will proudly wash it a way.  

Copyright Nasra Al Adawi 2014  

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

~His Rose~

Think.. Think of a rose. Can you imagine it .Can you see what color is it? Can you feel the touch of it petals… Not many of us dislike roses.. in fact roses are symbol of beauty. Wouldn’t you think, that roses not only a symbol of beauty but it is symbol of love and appreciation to our other half.

When a man unites with his woman in marriage, its like acquiring a rose or he see his woman as pretty as the rose or prettier that a rose. That perception it can last.. Not just a year, it can be longer. Let us leave to husbands to give an answer to that.  The beginning is the marriage and it is for those of you who are still married out there. It is a spectacular journey; both husband and wife work on their relation constantly and being resilient. Some of us need to hold on our other half, so that marriage remains an iron poll. Some of us, we find ourselves in a shaky relation that a small stir of the water, can flip us out of the boat. 

My story is no different as a woman; I wanted to be the rose in his hand…to be cushioned softly in his hand. I wanted to be His Rose. I was so focused being a rose that did not pay attention that we were out there in that shaky boat and got tripped falling apart. I somehow made it to shore, but a different shore from him. Did not drown yet battered, through storms of separation. The ugly word is divorce.  

That was our life and now separates lives, had fallen.. Petals shattered. Picking petals may be easy but no one can glue torn petals. The reality stared at me that no one can amend a shredded life and I’m no longer His Rose within his cushioned hands.

The beauty of rose, that it is plucked from a plant. The plant still grows…Our soul is just like a plant. One day it striked me, that one phase of that piece of rose needs to be thrown. Yet, just like a plant, we begin again a new journey, learning to grow. So growing little by little of being on my own, and faith was the sunlight. No matter how small is the plant, it can only reach out to the light.  I felt the blessing of God little by little pouring in me, to gain energy to grow. My family, kids and friend were the nourishing water to continue the journey to grow.

As I stand here witnessing my own growth, it became crystal clear that I can only be myself and blossoming being me. Neither his nor anyone’s rose, I stand here right before you being in myself skin plainly a rose of my own.         

For all of you out there, let us be truthful to our wives and our girls. That she is a rose of her own not her father’s rose not her husband’s rose. She can only blossom by herself, so when that hands of yours due to anything disappears. She will still stand by herself continue the journey on her own.
copyright 2015 Nasra Al Adawi

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