Friday, October 01, 2004

African Rose


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello dear Nasra, Just 30 minutes ealrier when I
was sitting in Karachi dinnerto have my dinner, I was
think about you-a soul searching personality; and that
is Nasra who was often around me and making my inside
glowing. Now it appears a barren and desrted castle.
None is put some drop of life's oil to let this
dousing lamps to glow more. You ar true and not fake.
The only misisng part of the sotry is you culd not
find a true heart who could find your real worth,
beyond womanship, that you too have marvelous. I canot
mke any noise or loud promise about anything, but I am
sure you personality with survive with all her
potential charms in the deeper part of my brain. I
wish I would have the right disc to play with the
right time with the right person. But now
everythingseems too late. Your smile, your waving
charmful giaty, all will stay as if you are just in
front of my eyes. And I will remain in touch.

1:42 AM  

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