Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gifting Poetry

Gifting a poetry to those you love (family or dear ones) such a unique way of giving a personlized gift. As when you gift a poetry, its only that person you write to… You words are meant only to one person. It use to be my favorite way of apperciating those I care. I wonder why I stoped gifting poetry or giving such gift…I think its high time to reflame this habit…I also always loved to be written a poetrty or gifted with one.. It makes me feel extra special. Here is one of the site who I thought are very creative with gifting poetry ~A Gift Of Poetry~.
I Promise You

I will write for you
All poems that I never wrote before
In each of them, it will be sealed with my true smile
And I promise you that I will erase all my tears of pain
From now, I will only let tears of happiness fall
Living the terms of life in pure gladness
So when you see the smile on my face
It will be reflected to your soul blissfully

©Nasra Al Adawi, 2004

Friday, February 10, 2006

Words Remedies

Healing the Body with Words ...and to find the right and necessary words capable of calming and healing the anxiete soul. Yes we can find magic and medicine wherever words are written or spoken, capturing the essence of every facet of the human experience. These hidden treasures are just waiting to guide us through the hazards of life.

Why not to let therapeutic words be the healing touch. It has been said that the therapeutic methods are used in three ways: imperative—as a plea; magic—as a spell; and psychological or natural—as pleasure. However we can sadly say that there are many words that irritate, punish, and divide.

Some Words

Some words subsist in the memory
Some words are remedy
Other words are hurtful, inventible to misery
Your words are poetry
Tending to agony
Enticing the mind with harmony
Over all, enhancing life with magical melody

©Nasra Al Adawi 2004.