Friday, March 17, 2006


This painting is titled by Inerasable painted by Russian Artist Anna Duchenko and was displayed in exhibition titled “Nothing Much” Poetry on Canvas in November 2004 in the Sultanate of Oman. Inerasable was inspired by the poem written underneath. In that exhibition she showed case poetry written by contemporary poets. Combining poetry and art “Im not just showing the new painting, I’m trying to show poems which many of you perhaps haven’t seen before, poems that want to be read, want to be recited and remembered” Anna explained in her own words. To get acquainted with her work, please visit her website


All over me
Your prints are left
Unable to be wiped
Or erase your mark
Unlike the prints over the sand,
The wind- may wipe the traces
Once-the thought of you
Brought me pleasure
Now it’s drowning me in tears
I’m in need
The healing process
Only time
Could ever amend tearful heart
At that time,
Would not be painful anymore
Still my soul will forever remember you
As your imprints are inerasable
©Nasra AL Adawi, 2004
with that separation is not easy and to acknowledge it. Deep inside of us it may take awhile. Each and every one in their phase of life would had experienced the aches of separation you name it death, relocating, divorce and even some cases of marriage.

“The end of a marriage is a sad event, but it is not the end of the family.” Quoted from National Family Resiliency Center website. How true, but the effect of separation does not only hit immensely the children who they witness the separation of their parents. The separated couples are scarred too as the result of such divorce it always leave crumbs of anger and pain of their marriage.

Not many look at this as separation but in Arab societies or other eastern societies. Mostly, females are under the family wings, leave the family home when married. So when she marries she gets separated from her family, the anxiety of being away from home and the process of adopting to her new life. It becomes difficult, specially for those who have never experienced being away from their parents.