Friday, February 15, 2008

~Tiny Spark~

Sparky 03
Originally uploaded by Dean Searle

This instance
Requires no words
Heartbeats speaks so loud
I fell in this tiny spark
Yet too weak to lit fire
So it glints with no regrets
I accept all the tryouts of sparks
I'm not meant to be a flame
Nor can I ignite a tiny star
That can shoot upon darkest night
Yet you will always remember
That ever first tiny spark
Sure it had stirred the course of night

"Every spark may light a flame, a tiny light that allows you to see in the dark. If your spark does not create a light, do not be afraid to face the dark. Even in the heart of darkness a tiny star may shoot through your way. Or when you just have thought, that you have been encircled with darkness, look above towards the sky, for sure you will find countless stars which can twinkle your path"

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