Monday, September 05, 2011

Wordless Poetry

Wanted to write since I was in hospital but not getting the time to pin my thoughts. I'm grateful for the life that I have. I'm grateful for miracles that I'm seeing every day, the simplest one blessings through the hard times and acknowledgment that no one is immune in facing trenches of life.
I'm also learning many other aspects of life, the main one is motherhood. Here I am a mother of two now with a baby girl about to be two years old and a 20 days old baby boy. I come to appreciate motherhood, as the journey that shuffles in many ways at time it is not easy ride. Hope I can do my best of it, in teaching them good values, tolerance in life, respect and humanity but above all acceptance of who they are and willingness to learn lessons of life as they ride its waves.

So if someone asks me where am I now? My answer will be, still trying to be a poet, a student of life and motherhood and here I am reshuffling my life one step at a time.
So where is poetry here, it is the magical weaves of living creating

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