Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silent Words

Compassion hurts... by carf
Compassion hurts..., a photo by carf on Flickr.
Tears falls to us
Always so gently
Never rushing or pouring
Softly talks in its own voice
Simply in tears
A language of our emotion
Apparently touched by the moment
Sad or joyfull
Its the moment that deserve
A silent expression of our tears

Words by Nasra Al Adawi

Sunday, August 04, 2013

~ ā€œIā€ Exists ~

In love by Gray!
In love, a photo by Gray! on Flickr.

Going back to myself
Towards my soul
Indulging it more
This soul needs total love
Simply coddling
Yearning towards self
It deserve to be defined
Here a whisper to this soul
I love me a little more
Be attentive to her call
No longer will deprive me
Reaching here to celebrate the existence of I

Copyright 2013 Nasra Al Adawi