Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Poetry in Separation

Poetry is translation of feelings. Some of us uses it as an expression towards life transition here is a poem that some may heard but like to share it in this page. Titled Uncover Your future : 

While He was away …
Reality hits that He has gone with no return
Loneliness had fallen
A curtain of dark shadow placed inside
The urging question continued to knock
Repetitively asking the daring question
This lonesome is it a journey?
Or perhaps a short stop than one has to take
Aches, denial, refusal of this feeling
On whatever emotion that had taken place
You wonder if you can allow yourself to just cry
Letting out a burning cry that was meant to erupt
Yet, pride stands on the way
Telling you that you are a strong woman
A rock that had fallen from a mountain
When a rock falls, no one hears its cry

This poem it took two years to come out live it is after two years of separation, only then this words were able to be released. Separation from a partner is painful; seeing the father of my children is no longer part of our daily life was a life changing journey for me. Each of one of us uses different methods to sail through separation and grievance. For me it was to reach out with poetry to be the voice which it took me around through what I call my ordeal. With it came great lessons that I never expected it:

Once coming in terms with my pain and knowing that no one is in immune to falling. I thought I'm always strong so I’m prepared to all, then grief hit me in away and it took time and only when I was prepared to let go that’s when it ended. 

Another lesson, it is grasping and reaching out for support. Thought my children  2 and 4 years, they made me comprehend that I can not be pooling in tears, drowning myself in self pity and life it is there. Me and them need to live it. I also never expected that many helping hands reached out particularly my family, even though I never asked for yet it was what I need at the time of trials. 

One forget the greatest lessons is that faith shines through, that I was there down under but Thanking God it was the starting point of content and paving the journey was for a new set path. 

Addition of the lessons are when you cry of losing someone, it was not clear what is the future. Then those who are around helped to clear the vision that separation is a new beginning. A new life, a new page is waiting to be written and I’m the writer of that life. 

These lessons they did not fall at once, few steps at times that it became all apparent and clear as the sunshine. I came to know that one can linger in self-pity and you get supporters for that for awhile, then they go and sheer for someone else as your story already became boring to hear. At this point of time, I’m proudly looking back happy to have closed my chapter of separation and signing out with poetry as a new life unfolds. My ultimate lesson out of this that I’m among the lucky ones from women who won their separation as other women out there pay dearly or get battered in away that separation is a life price .