Monday, July 07, 2014


Have you ever been handed over a baby and was given a task to take care of it at young age. Well 20 for me was young age and there I was an assistant teacher in Al Noor Centre for children with Disability.

There he was glittering eyes angelic face , tiny body with of weight of a leaf. So tiny in size, his body age was 1 year child. He was 7 years old. That is Adnan when he arrived the first time at school a child with cerebral palsy. He was born with a physical disability, all I knew back then Adnan has physical disability that you could not even put him in a wheelchair. His bone were so stiff and the first day with his posture he was kept on mattress as at the time no special chair was available for him.

I thought to myself when I saw him what can we do with Adnan yes it was a special class for children of various disability but we had most the children where mental disability. Most of the kids were physically able kids who go out and play. Adanan we could not put him in wheel chair. He also could not be tested on the level of his mental disability. Adnan came from a very modest Pakistani family and it was first time ever for him to be sent to special school.

His mother insisted that Adanan needs to be accepted in school, she insisted that he is far off better than any child in the class  in terms of mental alertness.  We as teachers we had doubts what can be done with child who do not have no sort of communication. However out of persistence of his mother Adan was accepted for few week in the class.
First day, he was only approached to be taken care in terms of food, changed his diapers.  Then 2nd day we had a visit of physiotherapist. There was a new door opened, Adan can have a special chair looks like baby car chair that can be used during class.  Adnan will able to participate in class.    3 days the mother came, she insisted that Adnan communicate through his eyes, she pleaded us to speak to him and watch his eyes.      
That was a miracle for me, Adnan was able to talk to us through his eyes and mouth. He does not produce any sort of sound but he uses his eyes to say no and open his mouth to say yes. That had opened many doors to work with him and with the chair he was so happy to take part even as little as possible.

The best moment for me with Adnan during first day in Rmadhan with Adnan with us, there his food was packed for him as usual. Adan on break time not his usual self refused to eat his food. No one knew why the reason, then out of curiosity I asked him if he is fasting and amazingly the answer was yes..

I’m wondering where is Adnan now, but wherever he is: Thank you Adnan you had taught me best lessons of life. True happiness, begin with just little things, as child you were aware others are playing and you are not able to take part but still you had great smile by just being there to watch other kids play. Thank you for your radiant smile, you were my greatest role model for reminding me that whatever bad it is I can keep on smiling…  

Nasra Al Adawi 2014 

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