Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thank you --2015

Dear All

Though ... it seem that I deserted writing in here ...

However .. writing goes on for some ... so my writing goes on .. I have taken another space but blogging is always a space that one can not forget ....

Hope 2015 was an inspirational year for you for me it was a year full of collective writing and exploration ..

My work can be also found in Instagram: @coachnasra or facebook: poetess.oman

Stay smiling for 2016 ...

Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Crafted Soul

So many printed pages
My story within the lines
Words are not penned by me
Every curve of letters
Are specially formed
Within special palate
Where revision and editing
Are essential for pages
To get ever printed
So my life is not a fluke
Nor camouflaged
Soul within words
There is a mastermind 
Behind this crafted soul
What ever similarities we have
Me and you .. A unique story of its own

Copyright 2016 Nasra Al Adawi