Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Window

This is old poem which I found in my stuck of papers. I felt it represented somthing about me and the person I am..(somehow)..Needed to keep it here..
The Window

On the Shadow of my thoughts
I gaze into the window of the unknown
Once I was a child
I had forever to built the pages of life
Now I’m an accumulation of past
Accumulation of what my heart and soul had touched
I wish I could shut my soul away from the shadow of thoughts
Still in the darkness of pain
The sky would have a mystique
Out of my expectation, it takes away the blues
It feels that God is sending hope in drizzles with the sky
I raise my head towards the sky determined not to give up
I could feel God is watching over me
Copyright 2004 Nasra Al Adawi


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