Saturday, April 05, 2008

~ A Dream From Tanzania ~

I met a young woman
From Tanzania
Who was passionate about poetry
She was asked
Who she would like to meet
Without a pause she affirmed
"Maya Angelou will be a dream"
Then she continued
Pouring her reason of such selection
"She is all poet
With her hands creating tunes
Where no music needs to be played
She is our voice
The voice of all women
She is Maya Angelou "
Then she looked at me
Speaking to me softly
Handing me her dream

If you happen to meet Dr. Angelou "
Please tell her
That her words was the first poem I have ever read"

So here I am holding a dream
From a young woman
Dreaming to meet Maya Angelou

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

Me too, Im on a search for Poet Mentor "
Dr. Maya Angelou will you be the one?
Will you be my Poet Mentor"

This post is inspired by Rethabile of
Please read his post on Dr. Maya Angelou

Photo by Saint Sabina Photos on 17 Feb 08

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Blogger Rethabile said...

"Then she looked at me
Speaking to me softly
Handing me her dream."

That is so cool...

4:46 PM  
Blogger krystyna said...

Wow, this poet is so beautiful.
Dr Maya Angelou is a fantastic woman.
I like to listen to her.
I saw her in Oprah's show. It was spectacular - her "An Amazing Peace" accompanied by choir. Excellent!
Peace, My Brother.
Peace, My Sister.
Peace, My Soul.

Your poem is a beautiful gift, Nasra!

8:01 PM  
Blogger Alok said...

she is indeed an inspiration


10:34 PM  

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