Thursday, June 15, 2006

~ Gulnaz ~ In her Tribute

Lingering on Hope

Since November 2005
Her pages remain blank
She left us yearning for her prose
Blank on a winter day
Softly time slips through the hours
The seasons circulates
Here we are waiting for her news
Waiting to reap her new words
For all of us been kept on thirst
Trembling with thirst for so long
Lingering on hope with one question:
"Gulnaz where are you?"

When I started blogging, Gulnaz you were guiding friend who showed me the ropes of blogging and through your links I made more friends. You were an inspirational writer and a poet. Not only that, it is you who encouraged me to write. Where ever you are I missed having you, your pages remains blank. I hope you are safe and sound and you have taken timeout from writing but it worries me that you have not replied my e-mails. So I pray for you that where ever you are May God protect you….Without meeting you in person you truly were a beautiful person….It was such an honor knowing you…..

Please forgive me if I said anything that had hurt you unintentionally or was insensitive in any way, I truly can not justify it but the character of being human it blinds the person at times

Gulnaz knowing you was:

Light at dawn
Steals the sky
From darkness

Copyright 2005,

Gulnaz had passion for writing, she explains it in her own words " The very act of 'writing' is somehow very gratifying....maybe it is sheer self-indulgence, well so be it then. looking forward to squeezing out every drop of pleasure from it."

Before I end this tribute in hope you will join me to honour Gulnaz, Im going to leave you with one of her precious words:

~Seeking Grace ~
Is it at all possible to start anew? I don't think so. We have to live with our sins hopefully not till eternity; hopefully there will be redemption. I realized too late, that the basic, old-fashioned values are the cornerstone of a peaceful life. I want to say I am sorry to all those whom I have wronged, intentionally and/or unintentionally. When I see 'good' people, I can see a ‘lightness’ in them. I envy them their lightness.


All Photos are copyright of Gulnaz

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Butterfly Story

Happy Butterfly II
Originally uploaded by PuffinArt.

Once there was
A butterfly
In her luminous colors
The sight of her beauty
All the eyes are envious
Yet she was in her world of flowers
Flying high
Her heart content
Seeking flowers to another
And he came along
Wanted to acquire that beauty at his home
Tempting her in all the possible ways
Even made a garden of flowers
So she can flee to him
She finally dwelled
He flood her life
Stream and streams of love
He chocked her without realization
Loving her to extreme
Loving her to tear her wings
With it her true colors faded
Grayed in chains
She finally left him
All torn
Hid her self among the dying flowers
And when she flew
Crawled away from the glooming flowers
Ashamed to be seen
All fragile even by the wind's touch

That is when I gathered the courage to approach her
Wanted her to teach her
The new ropes to fly
She refused
She wouldn't be in denial of her injuries
Stated that she had accepted her destiny
A butterfly that is in-cable to fly
I reached out to her, time and time again
I could not see her dwelling in pitiful pool
For such pool will surely drown her
At last she agreed to take the attempt
The trials was not easy
Taken with aches and cries
So afraid to reach out
She even had forgotten how to smile
Not only she has to learn on how to grasp on hope
She has to stop being dead while she is alive
It hurts me seeing her resisting living
I wish I could shake out the hurting within her
But I know that step she has to take by her own

To every vulnerable woman:
Let go of your fears …
Push yourself forward