Sunday, November 07, 2004

Im Your Diary

I never thought that you kept a diary And on each page,
I was the character of your life story
The only one, yet the ink that had scripted me
It went beyond the surface of the laid pages
The engraving of your love I found it deep within your heart
I was the only one in your secret book
In every day this book its becoming thicker
In every page you made a new oath to love me foreverI’m such blessed with such love
Every day, I seem to fade away
Wondering if I’m worthy of such love
I question my soul, whether my heart have given enough
Or have it failed in giving the justice of devotion
I continue praying that the capacity of being human doesn’t fail me to love you eternally
©Nasra Al Adawi, 2004
Writen for the English Sabla