Saturday, January 08, 2005

Always Forgotten

Always Forgotten

I was waiting to hear from you

Even to receive a tone of your voice

The day had passed, seems years since I heard from you

On this night fall, my soul doesn’t feel right

I'm eager to hear your news

On this earthly landscape

Just to know where you have reached

My heart races out of its usual beat

I miss you solely and you don’t seem to know

As I'm about to retire the night

Still there is no news of you

My heart skips at hearing the ring of the phone

I fall into dismay

Knowing that its not you on the line

My soul seems to decline

Have you forgot me-I'm questioning my mind

I find no excuse

I dig into what we call entertainment and muse

Still my heart is calling for you

I'm distorted without you by my side

In your usual bit

Always forgotten when you are all around with friends

While here I am sick worried about you

©2005, nasra al adawi


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