Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Poem Writeen BY Xpress from English Sabla

When Mother Earth starts to shake

What went wrong with Mother Earth
After so many celebrated Jesus birth?
The Asian blue sea showed no danger
On this breezy morning of December

Children still collecting white shells
Fishermen enjoying the water smell
Seagulls never predicted any tremor
Coming from the Ocean’s structure

While Mother Earth started to shake
Not a soul felt the violent earthquake
The destructive waves had their aims
To quickly drown many Asian’s frames

Palm trees were falling like big matches
Thousands of houses turned into ashes
Horrific screams traveled deep to Hell
Sight of death everywhere could swell

Men, women and children buried alive
Crippled ghost towns alone did survive
Many believed such tragedy was unfair
Others rejected that God was still there

Death or destruction is all part of a test
This, in His Books, God already stressed
Only people with a faith can understand
That each event is under His Command

The years of earthquakes is a clear sign
That humanity has reached its deadline
The earth will burst, its mountains will fall
Each soul, there is no doubt, God will call

©2005 XP {03-01-05}


Blogger iamnasra said...

Sometimes you give praise to others and forget to praise yourself
You applaud for the rest, and tend forget to applaud for oneself
You are among those people, who gave a big place and value for the artistry of others
Never saw that your poetry is among the best
I salute the artistic poetic thoughts that accelerated us
We are breath taken over your poetic words


(written completely from her heart to Ms. Xpress)

9:40 PM  
Blogger Najah said...

I agreee, its one great touching poem...

9:39 AM  

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