Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Rose without a Scent

A Rose without a Scent

Where is the sky?
I used to gaze to it all the time
I miss the rays of the sun
That touches each petal of mine
Where are the moon and all the stars?
It used to be the companion in all the lonely nights
Spontaneously my soul will bloom
I will forever linger to receive the moonlight
Without knowing I spread my scent
To any corner that the wind may take
Then you came a long
I welcomed the destiny that had brought you to me
I wanted to glow at you first touch
I wanted to give all of me
Showing you that I’m a radiant rose
Seducing you to be so close to me
With a spell of my scent
All I wanted to be your eternal rose
I saw sadness in your eyes
I wanted to be the one who can lit up your heart
With nothing else but a fragrance of love
So powerless in the hands of passion
Chaining all the sounds of moral and dignity
Thence I offered my self to you
Never knew it was a life sacrifice
Cutting me out of my roots
Plucking the petals of who I am
Exhausting my soul
You thought you gave me your ultimate love
Inhaled the scent out of me
Somehow I paled away from life
Remaining a vague rose without a scent
Crusting into gloom
Never knew that I will doom with what I thought its love
You extracted the last breath of me
As you quenched from me your long years of thirst
I was not enough, still you remained unquenched

Ó2005, Nasra Al Adawi


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