Wednesday, July 19, 2006

صرخــــــــة لبنـــــان Cry of Lebanon

Blood Spills

The ocean stands so still
Breathing the sky
It pretends to be so far away
From this deserted land
were hatred stands
Fireworks that does not decorate the sky
Fire shots piercing our abandoned hearts
Snatching our youth,
Slashing out our childhood lights
It does not hurt us to bleed
Nor we are frighten to die
This is among written fate above the sky
Our blood spills
The silence of our fellow human-beings
The absence of our humanity
Nothing else kills us in billion deaths © 2006, Nasra Al Adawi

I have always stayed away from politics.. Wanting to join the citizen of boundless …It has been long time I vowed I would not read the daily newspaper, I turn blind whenever my fingers run on pages of news and would not listen the news on TV, I keep my radio switched for I would like to be disconnected from this world…Why then my hands are smudged with blood … Heavy load of silence takes the part…In the middle of conflict the children remains a single flame among the darkness space…Children are fading and Lebanon is crying …This put my spirit down with the current events

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Want To Cry With You

EsKooT El KaLaaM ..
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We recently lost a very dear member of our family. He was a father to all of us. I don’t know the right words to consle my cousins for their loss… One of His daughters told me today that poetry can lend a hand, touch a soul, towards the process understanding the grief and trying to overcome the pain of losing someone so dear

I do not know how to console you
Nor can I dry your tears in midst of your pain
But I want to cry with you cause it pain me too
No matter how much they teach us
That death is the face of destiny
And fate is part of a side of a coin
Even though we all bound
Taking the after life ride
It pains to be left behind
Watching the flame dies
These hands are tide
Against the destined waves
So I have no words to relieve your pain
I will leave you with a poem
A plain collection of words
That has no fancy title to go with
Its only titled This Poem

This Poem

This poem written to you to put a smile on your face
To take your heartache in all the years that it could not erase
And I wish I could cry with you
As I felt the amount of pain that you went through
Life does not pause to our liking
Certain situations are frightening
Still we need to stand against the turbulence of life
Her I am reaching to you
I will be a shelter when it rains
I will try to be a refuge to your pain
And when you need to cry
My shoulder is here to hold you through
So this poem is written to you to let you know I’m here for you
©2005. nasra al adawi

Thank you ღ..Mousha..ღ for the photo posted in flickr and I owe apperciation to Silly Adventures who told me that The Poem can lift someone's spirit.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

If A Tragedy Falls

Crying flowers
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I love the way she brings out her prose…she let go …like this flower on this page had released the tears.. As for Amias she released her voice…LIP (living in poetry blogspot) had opened the curtains so we can get a glimse of Amias. Please click here to read the interview [ L I P ]

Once again

I'm hailed to her path

I walk following

The footsteps of her journey

I salute her courage

Without testing the colors of her pain

A pinch on the surface hurts me

How it feel to be dipped in pain

A glimpse of her life

Makes me cry

Yet I laugh towards the irony of life

I open a blank page

Scripting a precise sentences :

Amias you taught me that if a tragedy falls

let a strong woman to be created

©Nasra Al Adawi 2006

As for me in September 2005 I received an amazing gift from her. I saw myself in her eyes and words…I can't help it but present it over here:

Nasra (Al Adawi) AbdulRahman (Acrostic)

Native child of the universe, one

angelic spirit embracing others’ pain

servant to the cause of humanity

renowned for generosity to friends

always a winner, she perseveres

A mother’s hope, a soul in transition

lighting the path of those she loves

A jubilant spirit, a caring daughter

dances to the tunes of awareness

a voice leading the way out of the

wilderness of suffering, her heart

imbued with empathy, she gives

Amidst chaos and mayhem, she

bows not to the hopelessness of

death. Embracing life, she teaches

unification of people with nature

love and forgiveness is her sword

Righteousness her shield; she

answers the call to arms with

healing words that touches

many hearts and lift spirits

all over the world, she is one

never-ending voice of hope

© September 12, 2005 Amias