Friday, January 26, 2007

Poetry Me

Line of fire
Originally uploaded by robpatrick.

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~Poetry Me~

I dived
To reach core of fire
Burning heat
With revolving lava
That keeps the earth together
But for me
I wanted to be
Face to face with poetry
To ask it
Why does it tremble?
The world that I'm in
As I plunged
Into the water of my soul
Tasting the burns of heat and cold
On the edge of poetry flame
I uttered two precious words
"Poetry Me"
My soul was so taken back
Hearing my pleading heart
But then I continued to urge
For the poetry flame
To even love me more
At every poetry touch
Escalating my being high
Then with swift of its reach
In countless brush
With electrifying fire
To poetry me endlessly

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

The photo above belongs to robpatrick.


Monday, January 22, 2007


Butterfly and cocoon
Originally uploaded by krmuir.

As it falls
Droplet thoughts
In to the shell
Maybe its empty
Does not even hold
A tiny pearl
My shell holds
Fogs of thoughts
Lingering into my brain
I nip into its soul
To distill a poetry of my own
Then to unfurl poetic pages
Glossing through darkness
A butterfly merging
Out of cocoon of darkness
Releasing poetry
Just as butterfly
Unlocking her wings
About to take poetic flight
Then floating into sky
Perhaps what is known
To me and you
Life seeking

Copyright Nasra Al Adwi 2007

The photo belongs to krmuir.from

Saturday, January 20, 2007

~Walk It Through~

Into the Sun...
Originally uploaded by Ordinary World.

Its been so hectic time for me. I'm not been keeping up with blogging nor visiting my friends blogs.

This is out of norms, I have been contacted by Mark who has a blog . Mark is passionately on writing lyrics and here we are Me and Mark into this poetic lyric. Please let us know what you think of it or you can visit his blog to read more of his lyrics.

To me as I put some of the words I was thinking of a family friend of Khalfan Al Riyami who is great uncle to me and my sisters. This week we found he is battling cancer. Even though its tough moment for him but I know with his high spirit He Will walk through it and go beyond it. May Allah (God) grant him strength to overcome this.

~Walk It Through~

As I keep,watching you
You take those hesitance steps
Then you tremble n fall

I race to hold you
But I don't reach you in time
Your to distant to take that fall
When you step out of line

Though my heart wants to fall
Instead of you
My eyes and heart beg to please you
to just walk it through
Walk through
Walk it through

Walk it through baby
One step at a time
You'll only fall down when you step out of line
Walk it through baby
One step at a time
You'll only fall down
When you step out of line

Life is a bumpy road
Everyone has to taste the falls
How come when you fall
I'm keep falling with you
And your tears of battling ill will
Seem to pierce me most of all

So stand there
Walk it through
Just walk through
Walk it through
(to chorus)

copyright 2007 Mark and Nasra

The photo is by Ordinary World posted in Do click the photo for other collection. Thank you Mark for your lyrical touch.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

~Until the Desert Night Once Again Falls~ By Don Iannone

Moonlit desert night
Originally uploaded by Neil Ghosh.

The desert night gasps for air,
like a seething tornado howls after
its own coveted perfectly still center.
Acetylene stars hang in pitch black sky
like crystalline Cinderella slippers
on a black velvet evening gown.
Too petrified to blink, our eyes lock
with the night's penetrating stare.
We long for the moon, but fear
the dreams it may birth in us,
crippling reality before its first awkward step.
The dunes cry mournful tears,
like those of a mother losing her only child.
I pray that one of the camels will move,
breaking the suffocating silence,
whose razor-sharp knife cuts deep
into the very jugular of our being.
Morning comes not a moment too soon,
and again we walk
until the desert night once again falls.

Thank you Don for this lovely poem. please visit his blog on www. read his other poem. Im also thankful to the photo provided by Neil Gosh . Do click the photo to see other collection.

Monday, January 08, 2007

~Stand Within Silence~

desert morning
Originally uploaded by neulands.

Vast land
Carrying pyramids
Of different shapes and heights
Boundless from rigid curves
Unchained to certain landscape
Created with fine sand grains
But free to travel with wind
As to whenever time is set to leave
To explore other countless hills
Even to unfurl other sand dunes
The grains of nomad
A traveler with wind
So whenever the wind blows
Itinerant path
That by pass all boundaries

So you and I will hear
The myth of desert
In a voice of silence
Yet with rhythmic wind
Carries a nomad song
In the mid of this deserted land
Let us stand within silence
To stand still to hear it

I'm desert sand
Taking off with wind
A journey that has no end
Awaiting for the rain
To take away loneliness and pain
Yet the sun rises again
Desert sand I always remain

Copyright 2007 nasra al adawi

You can still see how fascinated I was with my desert trip. My earlier poem titled Im Desert, it did not touch me and I felt I was not able to deliver the voice of the desert. The above poem is in reflection to the old one. Hope this one was able to bring out even a bit the silent voice of the desert. Many thanks for this photo taken by neulands, posted in You can click the photo to see other collection of photo…

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Im Desert Sand

Im a desert sand
~I'm Desert Sand~

You can let me belong
Within this fine grains
Among countless sand hills
That feels right within the dunes
Even though I'm just a sand grain
Taking off with wind
I mingle among the grains
Accumulating desert sand
I'm part of this place
For being just a sand grain

Then an inner yell declares:
I'm desert sand
Taking off with the wind
A journey that has no end
Awaiting for the rain
To take away loneliness and pain
Yet the sun rises again
Desert sand I always remain

copyright 2002 nasra al adawi

Camping in the desert was one of the wish list that I kept for myself. Awaiting for one day to be fulfilled. Though I live to what can be considered a desert country (not fully but one can say that) a land where one hear tales of nomads beidu and astonishingly enough I never explored the inland of my country.

A one day and half spending camping in the heart of Rimal Al Wahiba (Wahiba Sands) was for me a night to remember. First of all the invitation was generously had come from my colleagues at work. It was a 3 hours drive from Muscat to reach to Rimal Al Wahiba. As we drove with our salon car to set our destination, we have been informed to meet our tour guide at the rest house and later on to be escorted with 4X4 in the camp area in the desert.

The unpaved road seemed to engrave a trail yet unknown to us and certainly it was a bumpy drive trough harsh terrain. Little by little it began to open up to dunes of golden sands, then there we were in midst of desert dunes a camp of consisting of Khaima (tents) decorated with leaves of date palms. A feather of happiness brushed me over as we reached at almost sunset time to be able to catch a last view of year of 2007 and to be able to witness 2008 in open terrain. Our camp was on one of the golden dunes and as I stood in the mountain of sand grains. A head of me it was a flat area of desert carrying stabs of greenery that indicated that its not just a lifeless desert and it silently declared its winter time and behind me greater hills of heights of sand dunes. The cold air was blowing yet gently not disturbing the grains and that dramatically touched me, it was like blowing tranquility into my inner self and as if I was in the peek of meditation finding right then the ultimate peace.

Though I was with friends, I was their hiding in self corner. Sheering in happiness, exploring the desert in me. Content as the wind brushed herself into my skin. A gentle sting with cold air. I was thrilled to see the tent but it was amazing to sleeping outside, we did not want to hide our selves under the tent. Seeking contact with the moon and wanting to converse with the starts. A silent conversation that does no require no interpretation of words, merely a glance to the stars. As I closed my eyes to sleep, the moon was glowing furiously. As the time declared it’s a new year of 2007 my eyes drifted into dreams. I thought I would be deprived the joy of glittering stars, in the mid of my sleep I woke up and there I was, my roof was an empty sky decorated with countless stars.

I walk up to catch glimpse of the sunrise like paying of for all the days that I missed the sunrise. I wanted to give justice for all the sun, the moon and stars. Then I had chance to ride the dunes, explore it peek and slide within its curves.


As I bid goodbye to the desert, I met with bidu, women who wanted to show their crafts. It felt good to be mixed, and there I was enjoying the conversation with some bidu women.

Our trip did not end in desert, it had ended in Wadi which was called Wadi Bani Khalid. It is just a 45 mints drive from the desert dunes. Since yesterday I have been trying to write a poem on the desert to portray the feeling, but somehow my feelings seem to choose to go by without poetic words. So I'm just going to end with just photos that I had taken through my trip.

Many thanks to Mireia and Sandra for putting up with me during the trip, this was a was amazing trip of my life.
Wadi bani Khalid