Friday, February 23, 2007

Creativity: Colorful Lights Within Us

As we inhale and exhale, naturally circulating air within us. Creativity encircles within that flow of air. Life partake energy in our existence, floating within it creative energy. It only awaits for us to pick it. When we unwrap chains inside of us, allowing opening up to our creativity, we blossom through Creator's work like unchained air whirling with us and within us.

Excerpts of Julia Cameron (from the book "Heart Steps")
Pickled with Nasra Al Adawi words

Im not sure if some of you know my blog LIP (Living In Poetry), LIP is an open blog tries to locate poetic writers and poet and find about their passion of writing. The above is our new image (me and abs) Abs has joined LIP and since then he has been so kind to proof-read the interviews. He was stydying Graphic Designing abroad and since he got back he also offered to do some of the interviews with me. I was complaining about how dull is my blog, so he came up with this beautiful design which Im so proud to show around. To me he is good at designing Web. You can see the design of his web ( ).
LIP this time presents to you a Haiku Treat where it gets glimse on haiku work of J. Andrew Lockhart. Do click on LIP image above to go the the interview.
I have so much news to share but will end here just to let you know about my Writing/Poetry Session. It was great to be able not to teach how to write but to guide others how wiritng can be a source of therapy. Thank you all for your good wishes. It had given me the courage to go through it. (I was nervouse before starting but as I started, it was just being face to face with the breeze)

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Write Out

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Children Creative Spirit

~ The Child's Creative Spirit ~
By Don Iannone

Nothing comes close
to a child's love to create
from that magical well within.
No imagination can reach
as far or deep as the child's inner eye,
when consumed totally...
by whatever the moment holds.
Each stroke of the brush,
every word written,
and every smile cast--
all unadulterated symphonies
echoing in the soul's sky blue waters.
Is it any wonder
that we cry when we grow old,
and slip into our child-like dreams
to bring us joy and comfort?

Dedicated to the children in
Oman's Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

Its crayons that I like
Painting rainbow skies
I can swim in watercolors
Color splash beyond my room
Blowing bubbles in shining colors
Mixed with giggles and laughter
And my trees are drawn
Not only in brown and green
I'm painting a bright new world

Nasra Al Adawi

With the New Year 2007 its has been a great delight to bring a new calendar tilted Children Creative Spirit. The calendar presented children art work from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital mainly children who are touched with leukemia, sickle cell and Thalassemia. Children Creative Spirit created to spread the spirit of children art to bring creative difference. The Calendar was supported by Dar Al Atta Association, Bank Muscat, Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD), Jotun Paints, Omani Drug House, Khimji Ramdas and Oman Printers & Stationers. For those in Oman the calendars are sold for RO 1/- for the benefit of children at SQU Hospital and could be purchased at Dar Al Atta Association Tel 24692996 or for larger quantity contact Tel 24143403 Child Health Department.

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