Monday, July 25, 2011

~Sentence on Woman~

Judge hammer by ssalonso
Judge hammer, a photo by ssalonso on Flickr.

Sometime the life that I am in
It does not suit me
Beliefs and attitude seem to be so strange
So at times I’m so angry at our womanhood
How come we as women accept it, to be battered?
To be abused or used and agree it is a women fate
I wonder why womanhood is a fragile being
Then our fate are doomed or judged by those
Never lived in women’s shell
Or felt the anguish of a woman
Then we see him standing as a judge
With a sentence on a woman’s fate
Copyright 2011 Nasra Al Adawi

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Can Not Find It

••• Stars ••• by Fabio Ricco
••• Stars •••, a photo by Fabio Ricco on Flickr.

Tide in silence,
No dreams to light the stars,
No love twinkling us

copyright 2011 nasra al adawi

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Anticipated Pearl

You are arriving soon
A blossom of my life
A Peek of this soul
You the pearl that I’m anticipating for
Come lovingly
Arrive here out of my womb
At your own time, reach here safely
Know that I’m waiting for you
To embrace you so softly
Loving you more
As you arrive into my hands
To cuddle you into my world
Witness your moment as you grow
I’m waiting for you …

Copyright Nasra Al Adawi 2011

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Friday, July 01, 2011

I’m on both side of the mirror

As I was growing, I was lucky enough to be taught that not much difference between me and my brothers. Everyone had a role in the house, gardening, washing the dishes and so on.
That taught me that really there is no difference what I can achieve as a woman, nothing can stop me from reaching what I want though I had great realization of what is my surrounding environment including tradition.
This course continued as I moved to a household surrounded with ladies, it added my feeling that womanhood is just a physical status not more not less and that had helped me to build confidence including the feeling that I’m capable young woman.
What I was not equipped for that I need to acknowledge that I’m an Omani woman, witnessing a great era of my country where the great leadership of my country calls on women empowerment in all level. Yet this motion is progressing perhaps not as fast as I might expected cause the reality remains that Oman, is still have not got away from the description of being a traditionally male-dominated society, and women are beginning to make their mark. Although the U.N. Program on Governance in the Arab Region describes Oman as "one of the more progressive states in the Gulf region in the area of women's rights." But But it acknowledges, "Female participation in the workforce remains low and areas of discrimination persist."
The issue of women’s right does not only refer only in terms of work force, it is my belief that the work of women’s right is still work on progress. This goes back to my story as married woman, from outside I feel so much empowered but when it comes to home front it feels so restrictive. It’s a daily fight to spread awareness in my own household that there is no difference between a woman and man. If a man gives himself a full right to enjoy life or grasp on opportunities to the maximum so does a woman have to enjoy such right. For instance, If a man can travel for work and work on career advancement, a woman should be supported equally to gain that too if she wishes so.

cooyright 2011 Nasra Al Adawi

The above is just personal opinion and it is not generalized on all More of personal thought to posted soon..

2-Feminist Theology

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