Friday, March 22, 2013

~Raindrop Falls~

Raindrops on a Leaf by 1963chris
Raindrops on a Leaf, a photo by 1963chris on Flickr.

I was there all falling
Searching for a hero to save me
I kept falling, and falling
There were no hands to reach me
In midst of the fall, it became so clear
As I was going down, I’m all alone in this fall
Then the urge to survive on my own
Became the will stronger than myself
I plunged for life,
Taking what seems to be the last breath of air
Oh, God, I could  feel the strength
A miracle that arrived to me
Bringing a realization that I’m blessed falling here
Like raindrops ought to fall
The fall is not the end
Its actually the beginning
Raindrops fall for a reason
Nourishing whatever it touch
I’m no longer afraid to touch the ground
That is how I go on towards surviving

Copyright 2013 Nasra Al Adawi

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