Monday, January 17, 2005


I was hiding from love
I have been happy the way I am
Maybe some thought it’s lonely
I’m assuring its not
Some thought I’m all sad
Sadness is just a status of mind
I’m bigger than that
I admit I have been runing away from love
Did not want it to touch my heart
Love can be addictive
Once stricken it has no cure
It’s the toughest fight
How did you allow me to fall for you
To be vulnerable in your hands
I stood strong against all the mighty winds
Then came love, I fell like paper cards
That had no base at all
I thought I had good base standing on
The long years of teaching evaporated in glimpse of the eye
Melting in love and desire
Discipline couldn't rule in the game of love
It blinded me to all my senses
I’m taken down
Standing defenseless against the game of love


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