Monday, November 05, 2007

Nasra’s book reaches out to fight cancer

By A Staff Reporter

MUSCAT The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania organised a book launch for Nasra Al Adawi’s book Brave Faces: The daring stand against cancer under the patronage of Her Excellency Dr Sharifa Bint Khalfan Al Yahyaeiyah, Minister of Social Development, at the Muscat InterContinental Hotel here on Tuesday.

Sharifa, in her brief speech before the launch of the book, congratulated the young writer and poet Nasra Al Adawi for her relentless crusade for cancer awareness through her writings and hoped that her small efforts would gather momentum and become a mass movement for the eradication of cancer.

Later, HE Hussein Saeed Khateeb, Ambassador of Tanzania, in his speech thanked the chief guest and all those present for being a part of this very significant event. He hoped the launch of the book and thereafter the contents of the book itself would raise the level of awareness about cancer and the ways being adopted to combat this dreaded disease.

Later, Nasra recited a few verses from one of her poems in the book – “So You are the famous cancer, Came in without invitation, Invaded me, expecting my submission, From nowhere you declared your existence. But don’t expect me to fall up without a fight ….” And in the end she finishes off beautifully by saying “Your time is over, I’ll walk the calamity – never falter, I’m a survivor”.

Nasra is a person deeply rooted in the cultures of both Oman and Zanzibar, and is familiar with the languages of Tanzania. She sketches her poems to challenge the worst disease of present times, taking people on a journey beyond pain, and fear to hope and strength.

In between her recitations, flautist Jan Daxner played some intriguing compositions of French composer Andre Jolivel titled Five Invocations.

Later, the five copies of the book were auctioned to the highest bidders and as much as RO1,000 was raised which will be later donated to help combat cancer by various organisations in Tanzania.


Blogger krystyna said...

Wonderful news! I'm very happy hearing this news!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nasra, I sent you an MSM yesterday thanking you for the copy you
sent me.
It's really beatifully compiled, bound and printed. It indeed, is a
As I said in the message, I was given one copy and the oter is to be
sent to
Dr. Jeff. He is surely going to love it!
I have started reading it - especially the translation. I note there
are a
few printing eras here and there though they don't mal the work. In
parts the "Acknowledgements" part is certainly not in Standard
the readers are going to note it, surely. I wonder if someone else
translated and wrote that part.
If you wish, we might start thinking about this point

12:19 PM  

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