Wednesday, April 09, 2008

~My Falling Tears ~

crying flower
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Killer Bee X

Share my tears
For I own nothing but heartaches
With an offer of my lingering voice
And when you touch each droplet
Be gentle in your touch
As no words can translate
My inner being
Except with my tears
So when you find me crying
Be glad that I'm speaking from within
I have finally discarded all my masks
With nothing but falling tears
And that is not easy to come
Now I'm all free
No longer suppressed with my fears

Copyrigth 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

Photo by Killer Bee X

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.


4:49 AM  
Anonymous paul maurice martin said...

It's strange and interesting how similar and yet different people's experiences can be, depending on so many things. While crying can be an unmasking, crying can also be a mask - at least in my own admittedly bizarre experience of relentless disease progression.

After a while (several years), and after having lost my whole former way of life because of the functional limitations and also all kinds of difficulties associated with the disease, for example, having to job hunt and move out of state in declining health because my employer's insurance stopped covering me - well, in 1999 I basically stopped crying.

In the several years prior to that, each year, I must have cried ten times more than in all my healthy years of life combined. But from 99 on, tears have been extremely rare and in almost every case just watering of the eyes because something is moving - no more tears of sadness at what I'm going through.

And it's not like I ever tried to stop crying; it just stopped happening on its own. I think with a problem that has no end, after a while it's like the tears know their own uselessness.

My best guess is that tears are essentially a cry for help. When nobody can help and that really sinks in, deep down, then the tears just stop bothering. And you go on.

So for me, I think that for a while my tears were masking a self stronger than I knew about. Stronger than I would have wanted to have to know about!

10:36 AM  

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