Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~Tough Moments~

When writing gets tough
It’s Mr. Poetry had taken off
How could I be deserted
So I call on you Mr. Poetry
Its tough to be without you
Feeling alone without words
Here the end of a poet
So to take me on
A room to lean on you
As I’m no longer Nasra
Without your inspirational words
Nor poetic thoughts
That keeps me really going
So when writing gets tough
Inspire me with words
Allow me to birth poetry
That’s when I am
In tip of sublime existence

Copyright 2012 Nasra Al Adawi  

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Blogger goatman said...

For me, the muse comes and goes, but when it comes, you are right, it is sublime.
How is Zi?

9:28 AM  
Blogger Saru Singhal said...

Poetry has a life, character and everything you can think of....:)

7:57 AM  

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