Monday, August 29, 2005

Countless Glitters of Stars

I took one read into the poetry of Daniel Josph XhHow to Light a Fire and Disappear Completely and I was touched by the way he wrote. Please read his poem Im sure it will touch you as the way it touched me in a way that it made me write this poem here.
O. Love
Come back to me
Once again
Remind me how to light
Countless glitters
Into this darkness
Painting this earthly space
In glitters of stars
I flame so far away
I flame so kindly
Yet my voice is million years
Distant from you
Watch me, twinkling in every star
Know that lovingly, I’m reaching out for you
I know from that corner of earth
You stand watching- the far away galaxies
There I am catching the never ending glimpse of you
Gratified for the moment that seems to last me forever
Into my wondering soul

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Country

My country has no flag
A free wind flapping its existence
On every thing it touch
I know its the foam of clouds
Running on an oceanic skies
Hailing on journeys
Without boundaries of man-made
Running free without restraint of electrical siege

My country is an ocean
Reflecting the color of the sky
Or the color of emerald green
Reflecting all the hidden weeds
It lies there in deepwater
Even over the coral reef
It represents all the waves
In a form of many size
Free waves that embraces many shores

My country has no territories
It does not belong to any ethnical race
Nor does it embrace any religion
Just a free essence
Standing without being biased
Patriot in following good values
My country has no name
Its in the tiniest cell of all the creation of God

I’m the fruit of mother earth
I’m a child of one nation
That has no territories and boundaries
And when my time is up
I will return back
To the soil of this earth

©2005, nasra al adawi

Monday, August 22, 2005

Without You

Let this shinny moon

Retreat from my sight

The night to sip away

The sparkling stars

Leaving me a page of dark night

As I watch happiness

Burning in ashes

I gaze into my eyes

Brushed my soul in black kohl

Splashed with an eye shadow of pain

Dark circles of tears

A rumination of self ordeal

Brought by my own hands

Plucked rose left to die

That’s who I am

My soul wants to surrender

Under the mercy of pain

An injured prey admits defeat

While you are parading

So full of your conquest

Without you knowing

I gather my strength

I’m holding a strong heart

And without you

I will take a new path

©2005, Nasra Al Adawi

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Green Mountain الجبــل الأخضـر

Keeping the spirit of the color green going on as inspired by Russell Ragsdale and Gulnaz.

~ I dedicate this following poem to Gulnaz ~

The Green Mountain الجبــل الأخضـر
I can see a green mountain so far from me
Greener as I had never seen
Yet its greatness and its beauty
Does not stop on its color
Nor on its amazing height
It clasps running water
Yet its free river that falls in what we call waterfalls
Over this image I capture it in my soul
The image linger carrying a misty breeze
That touches me lovingly it makes me aware
Reminding me
If I falter, I’m touched with love in unknown distance
With loving breeze I will be carried to stand on my feet again

As we journey on life
The falls that we run into are merely hiccups
A temporarily pits that we splash into
Sooner enough we proceed to our ordained path

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

Monday, August 15, 2005

To Say Those Things We Need To Say

~ L I P ~ presented the poetry blog of Jeremy Williams.

I was reading his Poem…

For the first time in my life
My body stopped due to shock
When I heard about the bombs
My heart didn't want to tick tock
All I could really think about
Was all of my close friendsWho I could have lost
All the things I'd never said
To those who make me happy
Luckily for us we have another day
To say those things we need to say
But it could all too easily
Have gone the other way

~ Jeremy Williams ~
(click his name to read the full interview)

It striked my mind how often we don’t say the things that we want to say to those who we love the most. At times it seems words are blurted when its just somehow late to say it….

I was always so lazly to write a letter to my father as he was livining Zanzibar and I was in Dubai, now his is no longer with me ..I just wished that I wrote him one

Undelivered Letter

I wish I wrote that letter
To the one I love the Most
His distance is just imaginary
He is in my heart so close
Now, falling tears of regrets
This letter would never reach
Remaining forver undelivered
For no one to receive it on the other end
I can not stop to mourn for his death
Even time can not amend the pain
Or restore what I have neglect
Occupied into the selfishness of my own
Awaking on tragedy...
Now.its late - I have missed
To write that letter, that I promised so often
Just a short note to him... the one I love the most
To write a letter to my Dad
©2005 Nasra Al Adawi

(Dedicated to my Dad, May God rest his soul in peace)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Facing Pouring Rain

A Peck of

Dust always blowing about the town,

Except when sea-fog laid it down,

And I was one of the children told

Some of the blowing dust was gold.

All the dust the wind blew high

Appeared like gold in the sunset sky,

But I was one of the children told

Some of the dust was really gold.

Such was life in the Golden Gate:

Gold dusted all we drank and ate,

And I was one of the children told,

'We all must eat our peck of gold'.

You're rather innocent, and every cloud has a
silver lining for you. Even if things are going
really badly right now, they'll get better.
Believe it in your heart, and it'll come true!

What Robert Frost poem are you?
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I really "really" want to cry
I can hear this voice inside
This pleading voice is mine
I was tought that whenever I stumble I must rise and fight
Feel my way through darkness and continue till I find the light
I can feel the agonies of my heart
I just can not fall apart
Here I am
Standing firm
Listening to screams of pain
But...till the end, I wil face the pouring rain

coyright 2004, nasra al adawi
(published in "Within Myself: the willpower to live beyond cancer")