Monday, March 26, 2007

~ My Soaring Spirit ~

Blogging had acquainted me with many experiences, opened my horizon but it brought me down to essence of friendship, reaching as far it can be …It had opened my mind that kindness can pour from places you would never think of …and wherever there are human beings, our world is still fine because we can reach out for one another…

Paul from his blog Spiritual Diablog and now, has been one of my first blogs that I had visited, though I have not been a regular visitor, he would always knock my door, even at times I was not good commentator on religion matters, it just felt home to be visiting Paul’s blog…I discovered his Spirit of Faith crashing his calamity … With pride LIP takes a deeper look into Paul’s journey ~click here ~to read all about it, hope you can join-in to tribute Paul and sing along the Salmon Song.

a living room hush 2
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If my feet cant walk the distance
There is a spirit in me
That soars beyond walking miles
In every color that God created
If my eyes can’t touch
None of colors of nature
My soul pierce so deep
Seeing through essence of living
If my ears fails to receive
All sounds of earth
I solace hearing silence
Then when I touch your heartbeats
I hear music rippling stillness
And if my body is too fragile
Decaying without me
My Sprit of faith
Conquers through my calamity and weakness
So behold when I’m passing
Know that I’m not a fragile soul
I conquered life with spirit of faith

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

~Mother Tree Spirit~

If spring calls on me
Would the flowers fall?
In its fruiting colors
Embracing delights in me
Whispering farewell to its mother tree
As gentle breeze tickles this tree
It whisks all brittle leaves
At last, long branches have freed
The grips of decayed leaves
Leaving me to wonder
On how courageous this tree
To let go of its leaves
Without shedding a tear
Realty strikes an angle
Pulling strings of my soul
I forget my glee
As the spirit of mother tree
Falls on me
I bite on different reality
Of how nature plays a knife
Dislocating leaves out of its branches
At times without a chance to bid goodbye
In the name of mother tree
I cry for her loss
As I live its pain
That strikes right through my veins
I cry as a tree
Without even a falling tear
Neither a sobbing whimper
Standing through the rain
Standing through the pain

@2007, Nasra Al Adawi

Many thanks to for your inspiration
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

~ How Poetry Feels ~

My Sword
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Don’t rush me

When I don’t feel

To be rushed at all

Let me pour

All in ease

An airy breeze

I’m a song

Within the wind

Silence within stillness

Poetry of my own

Words unuttered

Air untouched

Within core of my soul

I’m poetry of my own

© 2007, Nasra Al Adawi

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Touch A Woman

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So I’m joining the Celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m celebrating discovering my womanhood. However the layers of this celebration lead me celebrating my interracial roots as a woman. For being Afro-Arab or Arab-Afro, indeed it took me awhile learning and accepting it. Born in a small island called Pemba which is part of Tanzania, some feel that I should have an automatic sense of belonging to my African heritage, as a child who have never lived in Tanzania and been brought up in the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman. I was more raised in Arabic heritage. Going to Tanzania in 2006 was a great learning experience for me, as I saw it in everyone’s eyes how proud they were that I was born in Africa and write poetry. I was told that when you write a poem for one country in Africa it represents the whole Africa, when I heard that I had tears in my eyes(I just can not explain it, there was so much pride for being part of African Continent).

I was lucky enough to also meet a very beautiful woman her name is Rebecca Musi, a cancer survivor from South Africa. Since I met her in 2006 she has become a fuel empowering me to continue on writing Brave Faces for Breast Cancer Survivors in Tanzania. So I dedicate this Day for her courage and believing in me. As I’m writing this, I can hear her words “When you touch a woman, you touch The Rock”.

~ Touch A Woman ~

When you touch
Touch a woman
Feel her strength
Linger a little,
Into her soul
Swim into her beauty
You'll be in the water
That’s when you'll taste,
The aroma of her
Its the smell of ocean
The water of who she is
Still yet you will find
There is pearl of you
Hidden so deep,
In the womb of her ocean,
Within precious line of her soul
And if you don’t understand
All this poetic words
Touch a women's soul
Only then you'll comprehend
The deep meaning of my words

When you touch
Touch a woman
Gaze a little into her pain
That’s only when you'll know
Why she is a woman
You'll see her fragile shoulders,
Are just carrying endless weight
Heavy clouds she might be,
Carrying shower of tears
But its not grey clouds that you'll see
She is all sunshine of smiles
So when you touch:
Touch a woman

So whenever there lust beats
That keeps knocking on your door
Answer it back swiftly
That you have touched
Touched a women
You have all gone
Gone on a exploring journey
Sank deeper than her mountains
You have touched core of her soul
Your whole being just reached
Where no man can ever reach
Climbed the peek of earth
Your breath swept away
Yet you explore
As you touch a woman
Its was merely touching your soul
As deep within her
There is pearl of you

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Inspired by South African saying “When you touch a women, you touch the rock”
I also would like to dadicate the above poem to special women in my life, My Mother for being herself, My Raising Mother Barke for being with me always, Ummi for her sisterly love(right to my heart), Robyn being a mother to me standing beside me and her love reaches me as always even though she is in Australia, Anne Marie for being a good friend with unconditional love, Tahira for her friendship, Montse for pushing me to explore writingas as much as I can, Surinaa for being always there for me, Amias for showing me the meaning of sisterhood, GEL the green eye lady for her words that keeps inspiring me. Thank you for being here in my Life

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Lady of this land

Flying scarf
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I step to the beach
So slow in each step
Holding my life scripts
In a book of thoughts
In teasing mood
The wind swirls all over me
My veil falls on my shoulder
As I pull my veil on
My thoughts are drifting
Here I am watching the waves coming to an end
I inhale beauty of life
Touch of this land captures me
I shiver a little
As the wind continues to blow
This is the wind of Oman
And Im the lady of this land
The sand seem to travel with the wind
This is the sand of Oman
And I’m the lady of this land
So proud of every thought of mine
I give a final look at my land

The flag
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Whispering goodbye as I turn my back
Stepping out of the beach
So slow in each step
I could feel
The eyes of the waves watching me
As I fade through the distance
This is the land of Oman
I’m the lady of this land
Here I am
Closing the chapter of my thoughts

copyright nasra al adawi 2007

The above poem was read in charity fashion show held by Karen Green. I can not thank Karen enough for the opportunity to be around all the beautiful elegant ladies and to present a poem in fashion show.

Karen has been highlted in the local media, here is some qouted details " as Over the years, Karen Green has been involved in arranging exciting, dramatic and highly professional events that support various charities and help make a difference to the community. Following the phenomenal success of ‘Fashion Fantasia’ in February 2004 and ‘Catwalk’ in March 2005, she is now presenting another unique and meaningful evening which strives to promote peace, hope and better understanding.

‘One World’ is being organised by Karen Green in collaboration with the South African Embassy in Oman to support the work of the Al Amana Centre. The name ‘Al Amana’ is Arabic for ‘bearing trust’, and it captures the spirit and legacy of many years of service in Oman. Al Amana is a non-profit organisation that serves as an intercultural and interfaith centre striving to build bridges of understanding, trust and cooperation. All who call Oman home know that community life is characterised by tolerance and peaceful coexistence. This provides a wonderful basis for international initiatives to represent the region and the possibilities of working together for the common good. " in Times of Oman.

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