Thursday, June 28, 2007

~ Be My Poetry ~

Originally uploaded by HORIZON

If you know how much I missed you
Would you allow me to write you?
I feel that I’m a pot so empty
In airy thoughts that fills it
If I could scribble you in happiness
Then gloss hope like a painter
Words to float in colors
And on your empty space
The darkness are sparkled
In countless glittering stars
I was calling
On you, through my emptiness
Not to fulfill the void
But to carry me within its surface
So I accept all the layers
On whatever life is gifting
In this understanding to rise beyond all
Now you know how much I missed you
And all the phases I’ve been without you
Just be my poetry
Allowing me to write you

Copyright 2007, Nasra Al Adawi

Many thanks to HORIZON for his photo at Please click the photo to view other collection of his.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Living Again

Gonu came into our live
Shattered so many lives
The rain that we so much awaited
Flowed into us immensely
From mountains, strong river flowed
Digging its road
Snatching what ever is on its way
Wrecking away our homes
Leaving us out of shelter
To begin our lives out of scratch
Yet it can not wreck us apart
We are united for our country
Still most we are united for each other
Gonu, know that we are in acceptance
Of all God's ways
Gripping on nothing else but faith
As you came and gone
Know that you have not snatched our lives
We stand here Living again

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Here is my nephew on cleaning mission after Gonu, Many thanks to Rajesh Burman for his photo

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cyclone Gonu Oman- Muscat

Many thanks for asking about me. Im well with my family. We left our house before the storm. Coming to our house was so hard seeing our country in wreckage. However, its the people who makes the country, everyone standing by eachother was heartfelt. Pending the pieces is taking time, its being here for one another will sure tender the pain and agony away.

Thank you all for taking time to ask about me....

The above coverage by HemiOman about Oman after Gonu.

Friday, June 01, 2007

~I'm on Seashore~

~I'm on Seashore~

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I find myself
On the beach of life
Life is calling me
To take each step of it
So slow as it comes
It falls, incidents
Just like my veil
On my shoulder, settling softly
I have to carry it through
Wind whistles, airy tunes
Through this beach of life
Fiddles every hair of existence
With all this, thoughts are drifting
And here I am
Watching my waves
Taking turns to end
I inhale, beauty and sores
Of what life has touched
The wind continues to blow
The waves trails back and fro
Of whatever life stores

© Nasra Al Adawi 2007

I’m bit on a run track, which takes more more of my creativity….Stilll despite this complain, Im enjoying to realize my dream…. Hope all can whisper a bit of prayer for me

Just few news to share in here, on achievements of some of my blog friends:

Don at has published his second book titled Walks in Life’s Sacred Garden is available also at, I was honored to review Don’s book. It’s a poetic life journey. More about it you can turn the pages in this link ( )

As for Amias in her she has published her second book titled Liquid Plastic. More information about this book can be obtained on this link , “Amias, Thank you for being a Sister, Get Well Soon”

Amias despite she is not being well, she took time to help me out to bring a new story at Touch A Woman. A story of Elieshi Ndesandjo from Tanzania on her journey as a business woman and her charity work ( ). I hope you can get time to read and give us your feedback, this will fuel us to trace more women around the world who make difference in their own community. Please help us to spread news about Touch A Woman, to inspire other as much as possible.

Marcus Harris at for publishing his book titled Songs In Search Of A Voice, Marcus not only shares with us the passion of poetry, he also support women facing demotic violence. Information on his first book can be obtained in

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