Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Journeys

Journey to inner freedom...
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~The Journeys~

How I wish I could write
About the journeys I take inside
Some pursue the fear that holds me back
Some pursue the tears that crumble me down
And all I want just then is to give up
I’m finding a power beyond the line of life
Picking me up from bruising falls
Yet the amazing part is writing
On how I conquer my world!
It’s with a little tiny smile
That gives me power to face life
Finding a reason to appreciate it all
My inner journeys

copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Photo with thanks by Carf at titled by "Journey to inner freedom" (Togather with the following qoute)

“The inner journey is a passionate inquiry into our own soul, our own personal field of experience. It’s not enough to be passionately involved in a subject or pursuit that we are interested in learning more about; we have to be passionately involved in our own process. We need to inquire into and study our own state, our own soul; our inquiry has to be about what is relevant to us personally.” - A. Hameed Ali

So confident...
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I was seraching for a photo that could go with my word a little that I knew that CARF is not about a photographer, its about The Children At Risk Foundation – CARF which was founded by Gregory J. Smith in 1992, benefiting the street children of Brazil by defending their rights and offering them a dignified and definitive solution so that they could live and grow within a family-oriented context and healthy social environment. The potrait of children here is just few of how the smile of change,after finding a light and a new life.

Please take time to click the photo above to see collection of children at risk. Then take time to read the work of CARF in

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Dark & light stairs 2
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Inspirational Poetry Droplets Donated by Friends

Meeting Jawad Al Bahrani was purely a coincidence. While I was proofreading the Swahili of my book Brave Face: The Daring Stand Against Cancer, my journey of my writing were led to him. Despite being so occupied with his work, he made time to assist me. After few days he completed reading the book, at that time he told me not to be afraid as writing is power that can create history, his words had lighted a flame of calmness absorbing my anxiety. However I never expected that the stories of each woman in Brave Faces would have inspired him to contribute in poetic thoughts. His poem The Devil Within has been translated from Swahili to English.


Oh, my fellow human being
Here is my regards from within
I carry my words, my message to you
With only hope you will accept it
To absorb my words with patience
The will of God, you ought to accept it
Its not you are lost but agony had struck
All within you in fate you did not expect
When hardship occurs, it turns your head around
As when fate falls unnoticed
Pours hardship, burden and bitterness
Good memories disappears
Sweet things taste bitter
Let us not forget the will of God
Take no delay when you notice some signs
A boil or a swell inhibited your body
To a doctor rush, show what your saw
Seek medical advice, you better check thoroughly
But never ignore the unusual on your body
There is a devil cancer
Who is around in town
Picking on anyone no matter who they are
This devil penetrates in your body remains
Spreads in your home with evil intentions
Takes residence in your stomach, your breasts or anywhere else
A destroyer within, just on mission to destroy your health
Sucking out happiness and sadness will overcome you
It will fade your happiness and inflates you with fear
Yet it betrays some others till they meet their end
It needs braveness and dosage of courage
And a very strong heart
These are the best weapons to protect you against this devil
Do not believe it's your end, by allowing you hope to fade
Choose what is worth
Those who are brave never accept defeat
Don’t stop to try, trying again and again
Never undermine the guts of your will
Be real brave holding a strong heart
Let no defeat steer your way
Show that your are the best
Never believing the impossible,
Just take the reins on your good intentions

© 2007, Jawad Ibrahim Ahmed Al Bahrani

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Monday, September 17, 2007

~Only Tears Fall~

Nature's Tears 2
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"A journey of relief
Begins with tears"

Liquid pearls
Droplet tears
On a leaf of soul
Gently falling
The surface can't hold
Intensity of pain
Smoothing the journey
For every tear to fall

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

"Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears,
for they are rain upon the blinding dust of Earth,
overlaying our hard hearts." Charles Dickens

Many thanks to the photo taken by Metalmonkey1313 at

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadhan (The Month of Fasting)

For most of Islamic Countries and depending on the lunar, we have started the month of Ramdhan (Month of fasting), I’m amazed how is the spirit of Ramdhan spread on us….Our days takes different tune, so for those who are keeping their fasting, the spirit of fasting begins within you, let it be a reminder that though we refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset, we are blessed that we are still able to lavish in eating but those who are stricken with poverty God knows their deprivation…Let it be the month of appreciation of the Creator’s blessing….

May thanks Transposition or the photo of Masjid Al Nabwai (The Prophet Masjid) located in Madina in Saudi Arabia

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Art Therapy

I was touched by this slide, I wanted to share it with you about the programme of Tracy's Kids: The Art of Healing, which is based in USA. You can visit the website at

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Power of a Prayer

Ya Allah (God)
You test us in many ways
You throw us towards the highest waves
We still stand as a helpless humen being
Waiting for your miracales
Nasra 5/9/2007
I recieved a very touching email with note of thank you from kevinek through Granma Krystyna's. You can see Kevin here. Kevinek is touched by leukemia please pray for him as you never know when or which paryer will reach the doors of Our Creator as you gaze at his photo pray for kevinek on your own way, we need as many prayers.
Please visit website to know his progress or Granma Krystyna

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

~I feel Omani ~

Image of Oman
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Shattered clouds
Or blue skies
You will find me among faces of Oman
In a land that has face of pride
Here is my land
In a flag of who I am
Through the light
Through the dark
A craftsmanship of this nation
Poured in hardship
The fruits of sweats
The cultivation of our men and women
A proud khanjar*
Now glittering to every one’s eyes
I feel all Omani
The privilege is mine

Nasra Al Adawi

* Khanjar is a traditional Omani Dagger, worn in festivals (weddings and so on) by men. the photo below shows how beautiful is the Khanjar mostly made in silver.

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Many thanks for the photos from the photo for other collection

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