Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~ Done With You ~

Originally uploaded by ducati_rog

I'm done fighting you
You are the wind
That insists entering my door
So I shut all the openings
Closing my way
Leaving you on your own
It's all I can do
Your anger twists within you
Hot and cold
Building your furious soul
Finally a twister of them all
But this is just a starting point
Fueled in anger
To strength your twisting mood
I wonder if there is an end to you
Touch of your hands
Simply destruction
To every beautiful creation
I thought it’s a necessity to fight you
Fuming my soul in anger
To just pinch you so you can taste my pain
You left me all troubled
But I suddenly realized
That I'm getting twisted into your game
I'm done with you
But remember
In all this, your turn will reach
Fate will rotate on you
The torture will cease in my mind
The marks will fade
I have taken a choice
I'm not taking your road

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

Photo by ducati_rog on flickr.com

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Friday, May 16, 2008

~Cup of Happiness~

Pouring Tea
Originally uploaded by mrjoro

Fill your soul with happiness
Through your hands only
As now one would do that for you
If you do not initiate to fill your cup
The cup will remain empty
Keep in mind, its DIY
Do It Yourself
No waiters will be serving you
To fill your cup of happiness

"When you are given an empty cup, who can help themselves except to fantasize poured tea in that cup, then it comes the aroma of tea, deliciously inviting you. Yet the first sip seems to be waited endlessly. No doubt it's a nip that awakes all senses."

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

Photo by mrjoro

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Friday, May 09, 2008

~ My Soul Visits Zanzibar~

It seems like yesterday that my father had passed away. I know mentally that he has gone for years but my fountain of tears still has not dried, and all the tears that had cried for him, it is still not enough. Yet the idea of going back to Zanzibar scares me, however I love the image of the island from the sky, the green land, coconut trees standing thin and tall like a model parading her glamour physique. How I loved grasping through the ocean, keeping me breathless with its so ever green waters with strokes from here and there being blue. The work of our Creator is no doubt is beyond the word of being an artist.

As the wheels of the plane touch down the airport runway. The landing at the tiny airport and those tiny airplanes surrounding the airport, I keep going back to my childhood where my father puts me in one of those so I can go flying to Pemba so I can visit my grandparents. The image of my grandfather waiting for me, taking me to his home. The walk through the tiny roads and the smell of the road with touch of dusts from uneven roads. How I loved my grandparent's house, a tiny home filled with memories facing bananas plantation and other trees and all old women sitting outside their houses chatting with their neighbors and as someone passes through greetings have to be exchanged, seems everyone is related to each other. How peaceful this part of earth.

Though it's hard for me to be back to my father's house knowing I would not find him there but Zanzibar I visit you without you knowing through my heart and soul.

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi

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Friday, May 02, 2008


Road into the mist
Originally uploaded by Stevejme

Seems so long since I have taken time to write and it seems my world all misty and Im trying to see myslef where Im heading. Fear over takes me, as Im not sure what to expect ahead. I miss slowing down breathing of what life gives me but what I miss the most is the chance to dream and write. Seems my whole being is missing without the task of poetry writing.

I keep wondering what is the task of my life that it serves… Its been some tough weeks, and now when Im about to stand and speak and let out my thoughts. I still fear that Im still standing in the mid of mist and I wonder in which direction I should be bold enough to take.

There are journies
You will never think is yours
Its easier to belive its someone else’s life
Don’t fear the unkown
Cause all what will happen
You meant to face
Just face to face
No exist or run ways

Copyright 2008 Nasra Al Adawi