Sunday, March 27, 2011

And We Remain Women After All

~A Woman After All~
So they told her… Its your Omani Women’s Day
Signing the longest Letter: Appreciation of all Omani Women to His Majesty
Festivity continues in 2010 Omani Women: Celebrating 40 Years of Prosperity
So she clasps into more celebrations
In every Omani head line: Building Women Capacity
Then 2011, a New Year approached
Once again they told her: Its International Women’s Day
Rejoice it and celebrate it
Yet reality blows another truth
As she returns home, a husband to remind her
That her just an illusion
As she is just a woman.. all fragile
To be handled under the care of a man
Isn’t she after all a vulnerable  woman?

Copyright 2011, Nasra Al Adawi

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In New York

I smile to you

As the charm spreads

Across my face and touching you

In many ways, delighting your day

So I ask you to just accept me

Just the way I am

In my simplicity

Holding the world in a smile

Copyright 2011, Nasra Al Adawi in New York

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