Monday, January 17, 2005

our own created chaos

Let me believe
Still there is goodness in us
Its not just illusion of who we want to be
Many things happens
Out of them, some doesn’t make any sense at all
Like we are lost in what can be reality
Or what we can define a theme of illusionary
We keep spinning on the same point
Screaming to be let out of the dark
Yet the door of escape it’s just ahead of us
We keep accumulating dreams but to afraid to reach them
Stating one can only dream while being asleep
We no longer cherish those dreams
It use to be a simple dream that will send us sparkling with delight
Funny: We label ourselves human but operating purely in mechanism
No space to trust our feelings
Even there is no time to love ourselves
What about loving someone else???
Even we smile out of obligation or being part of etiquette
The smile and laughter has no true feelings in it
We are lost in the world of mechanism
Living by our own created chaos
I just wonder if we could ever find our true calling in life

©2005, nasra al adawi


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