Saturday, September 15, 2012

~I'm learning my lessons ~

So I have passed the phase of crying
Im no longer a victim of life
Nor I carry a label of fragile
Emotions are hurting but not breakable
There is life awaiting
Just beyond shores of tragedy
And tears can always be wiped
Strength is deep within
Can only surface
if one is ready to afloat it
I understood that strength is built
One step at a time
Like dose of medicine
That slowly cease physical pain
Whining has to end a mile
So here it is one step at a time
Grasping, learning, building
What was not existing ..
Here comes the feel of willpower
Forgiveness to oneself
But ultimately certain ..I'm beyond hurting
At whatever life circumstances holds
Whether joy, worry, loss and tears
Life carries all colors variations
One can only submit to its touches
I stand here to be just your student
Learning the lessons that presents
As there are simply lessons of life

Copyright 2012 Nasra Al Adawi


Blogger goatman said...

That's the spirit.

I can see you dancing in the sand . . .

9:22 AM  

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