Wednesday, July 18, 2012

~I’m on a Challenge~

Thank you for taking time to browse into this scattered thoughts. At times theses thoughts are the one that opened for me the first door and many doors had followed . It was always a poem, which has its uniqueness and a special place in my heart as it is the person in me that loved poetry.
A lot of times, I did not understand what is a poem consisting of, but, in my simple way, a poem is just about the feeling that I can emboss through words and share it within this layer of pages.
So I always appreciated the gift of inspiration that landed to me, cause those doors that had followed for me. It had opened up a new life for me. From creating that first poem, to publishing my first book, and to 2nd book to poetry exhibition, to a journey of journalism and writing to column writing. I have made those journey and it is great journey. As now, I have been in vacation of writing, it really feels like great fall, however the history that engraved behind me, it calls me back to work again toward that writing journey again.
So when I come back here to blogging, I understand that what had been a simple exercise 3 years ago. Now is a great effort to be taken. But the effort that I’m taking now in to scribbling, perhaps it is not so clear thoughts. It is my journey of getting back and jotting down theses thoughts to tell you, how I appreciate your encouragement in following my thoughts and pushing me back to write.
So here is the target for this month that I have to write 24 times, that may be a write up, or a poem or scattered thoughts. But I have to gear up again for my writing mission…
So here is your task, your help and assistance to remind me that I need to keep going on writing and I achieve my target.
So am I up to the challenge … Let us see…

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