Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Battle For Life

14 / 365 Sprouts by Vincent MiloneRrr
14 / 365 Sprouts, a photo by Vincent Milone on Flis
Then the days drags with that pain. With meaningless destination. You realize death had also rejected you, so dying would not end your agony

Searching what are the reason for living, what push you to wake up everyday. The reason that you are alive, keeps moving into thinking and analysis. You question yourself what make you live. Then, there they are, a big smile on her face...and a cry from his baby face...demanding your attention, asking you to hold their hands... Asking you to hold them and carry them...you are their carrier for their feet are still not strong enough to take their steps on their own....little kisses here...little bites from time to time..followed by tiny laughter... Whatever it is They catch your breath as they give you a heartily smile...that comes clear...you are here for a reason... You are on a holy mission...as you are gift of future generation

So that is the power beyond...you drag your feet out of bed..
Their lives depends on you...then comes realization that time heals all what seems a deep wound ...they are the miracle that keeps you wanting to go on and wanting to live once more for not just for yourself for their future is in your hands ...

The battle for life

There you are
All broken
A tree that is witnessing its end
Still more to come
As the weather keeps battering
Of what it seems to be remained
All the surface of what you are
Of leaves and twigs
Have turned into ashes
Yet I could feel the vibe
Weak but still beating
Your heartbeats screams
That you are alive
Among all the tragedy that you battled
A willpower beyond yourself
Then blessing pours
As you were just on verge of loosing
Of what have remained of your sight
At that time seemed to be a blurry hope
Rain falls recharging
Igniting remains of roots
Your submission to hope
Sensory awakes
A new life begins
A sprout out of old roots

Copyright 2012 Nasra Al Adawi


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Blogger goatman said...

I had always thought of Oman as being sand right up to the green waters of the Persian Gulf. But then I see that enormous caves exist in your lands: www.bing.com/images/search?q=Oman+cave&view=detail&id=B2FEF0687AC64E21C3F7847F00B23CF94FD8A44C&first=1
I have been in caves around here but they are types that one must usually wade into then crawl back to the widening rooms which are the goal of our expedition.

Life must go on in whatever form.

2:24 PM  
Blogger goatman said...

We've had a terrible drought here; like living in the desert for 2 months with cracks in the ground and plants going dormant. When the rain finally came as remnants of a hurricane down south everything sprang up greatly as if saving up for a new life when the good times' came.
Now I must cut the lawn, ugh.

11:50 AM  

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