Tuesday, May 08, 2012

~ Touch A Woman ~

Hands by Lupe Jelena
Hands, a photo by Lupe Jelena on Flickr.

When you touch
Touch a woman
Feel her strength
Linger a little,
Into her soul
Swim into her beauty
You'll be in the water
That’s when you'll taste,
The aroma of her
Its the smell of ocean
The water of who she is
Still yet you will find
There is pearl of you
Hidden so deep,
In the womb of her ocean,
Within precious line of her soul
And if you don’t understand
All this poetic words
Touch a women's soul
Only then you'll comprehend
The deep meaning of my words

When you touch
Touch a woman
Gaze a little into her pain
That’s only when you'll know
Why she is a woman
You'll see her fragile shoulders,
Are just carrying endless weight
Heavy clouds she might be,
Carrying shower of tears
But its not grey clouds that you'll see
She is all sunshine of smiles
So when you touch:
Touch a woman

So whenever there lust beats
That keeps knocking on your door
Answer it back swiftly
That you have touched
Touched a women
You have all gone
Gone on a exploring journey
Sank deeper than her mountains
You have touched core of her soul
Your whole being just reached
Where no man can ever reach
Climbed the peek of earth
Your breath swept away
Yet you explore
As you touch a woman
Its was merely touching your soul
As deep within her
There is pearl of you

Copyright 2007 Nasra Al Adawi

Inspired by South African saying “When you touch a women, you touch the rock”

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Blogger goatman said...

It has been the women throughout history, who have had the strength and stability to venture on and protect the children.
While the men fight the wars and react with fear and anger.

Maybe someday peace and understanding but it will probably come from the women . . .

3:43 PM  
Blogger goatman said...

We are all one is what I see here in your words.
Your poesy is back!

9:36 AM  

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