Sunday, July 28, 2013

~Let it Be Tears ~

Tears [teers] by miktess
Tears [teers], a photo by miktess on Flickr.
So tears had already fallen
Delightful that it had taken that path
Mingled with the surface
Then the wind touched it and carried it over
Delightful to take it to another destination
Mixed with the colors of earth
Once were sad tears …
It continues on wards to discover
Tears has many meaning than a language of pain
As it mingled with the wind
There are time its apparent
That tears are rain droplets that brings new life
It does not cease as it gets absorb in earth
Arises new sprout that reaches out to the sky
A dead seed once..
Now it continues to be a new life
The journey of tears will continue to light

Copyright Nasra Al Adawi 2013

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Nasra

I am very happy to see that you are back.

Tears are water, for flowers and, trees, to grow they need water. But there must be sunlight also. Let your tears water the seeds of your brighter future. Let the water of your tears clean the dust of the past from your eyes, so that you get a clear and brighter vision of your future.

Hamood Al Sumry

12:13 AM  

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